When There’s No Winning Policy, They Drag Out “Rock Star” “Auntie” Maxine


Rep. Maxine Waters, the flying bat feathers crazy congresswoman from California, was joined by 171 fellow Democrats at a press conference to defend Robert Mueller even though he doesn’t need defending.

They are reacting to an entirely fake, media-Rep. Speier made-up story that President Trump is going to fire rogue Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“We have decided we will not stand by and allow Fox News and right-wing Republicans to defy the rule of law and create their own rules to interfere with a legitimate investigation under the Constitution of the United States,” Mad Max said at a presser Friday.

“We will be vigorously working to deny the brazen attempts to destroy special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation.

The crew also wrote a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein signed by congressional Democrats, in which Waters demanded that the Justice Department do a better job to ensure Mueller’s ability to complete his investigation “unfettered by political influence or threats to his authority.”

It’s not clear why he needs protection, but it is wonderful that Democrats finally like the FBI, an agency they have hated for eons.

Maxine is a Democrat Party leader and hero. Democrats have the weirdest heroes.

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