When Truth Becomes Hate Speech, It’s Time to Worry


Blue Lives Matter confirmed that Facebook is taking actions against Facebook accounts that call a cop-killer an illegal immigrant.

Corporal Ronil Singh was murdered within 100 miles of Facebook’s headquarters, but the company appears to be concerned about anybody pointing out that his killer was in the country illegally.

Corporal Singh’s murderer was a member of one of the violent Mexican gangs that have taken over parts of sanctuary LA, other areas of California, and other states.

A Sheriff’s Deputy posted this and it couldn’t be more factual:

After several hours, it was taken down by Facebook and the Deputy was suspended from Facebook for thirty days. What he said is not hate speech. It’s the truth.

This is the message he received:

Facebook user Dana Marie says that she didn’t even post a picture of the killer when she got flagged for “hate speech.” Dana posted images of Corporal Singh and his family, with the text: “This is officer Singh. He was killed by an ILLEGAL ALIEN 5 hours after he took this picture with this beautiful wife, baby and k9! This is precisely why we need to #buildthatwall! RIP hero”

What she wrote is NOT ‘hate speech’ either. The people behind these takedowns are blithering idiots who don’t have a clue as to what’s hate and what is just a retelling of the facts.

I’ve been the victim of a takedown myself. They took my profile page down without explanation and wouldn’t put it back up. I believe it was over my use of the legal term, ‘illegal alien’. I had been warned the day before.

Well, they can’t silence us, and in the end, they will implode. Hate won’t win, and left-wingers are the haters. The leftists hate this country, and they hate anyone in it who disagrees with them or tries to enforce rules they don’t like.

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Fred Ward
Fred Ward
5 years ago

Just got one of those myself. Apparently criticizing Muslims attacking people with machetes is “hate speech.”