When Weiner Isn’t Sexting, He’s Having Delusions



Anthony Weiner pictured here with his pussy cat, a photo he sexted out with a double entendre.


On NBC’s Today Show, Anthony Weiner said he is going to win the mayoral race!.

“I didn’t think you [the media] should get to decide, I thought voters should get to decide. I knew the media coverage should be what the media coverage is,” Weiner said. “But I thought that citizens wanted a choice.”

“I’m convinced that I’m gonna be the next mayor of this city,” he told Today Show’s host Savannah Guthrie. It aired on Monday.

The latest poll numbers show Weiner is in the single digits at 8%, behind the lead DiBlazio and the second place Quinn. The only surprising thing is that he isn’t dead last.

The delusion doesn’t stop with Weiner, Mica of Morning Joe also believes he can win.

Why not, the entire city is delusional. They like candidates who don’t like Ray Kelly who has kept them safe all these years.


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