When Will Al Sharpton March for the White Police Officer Shot in the Face by a Black Thug?


Officer Brian Moore, 25, pictured below, who was shot in the face by a cowardly ex-con in Queens Village has died in Jamaica Hospital after emergency surgery.

Brian Moore

Demetrius Blackwell, photo below, is facing only 25 years to life so far.  Why would he be eligible for anything but life without parole? He should face the death penalty so he can’t harm anyone in prison or outside of prison.

Will Michael Moore soon be tweeting that he should be released from prison and will MSNBC hosts soon be explaining away his crime as the result of white privilege?


A bullet hit Moore in one cheek and exited out the other side of his face.

One of the cops leaving the emergency room where Moore was being treated shook his head and only said “not good” when asked about the officer’s condition.

Now Officer Moore has died.

Blackwell has a long rap sheet and was imprisoned for attempted murder and robbery in 2000. Why was he allowed out of prison so soon or ever?

The excuse makers are already talking about his supposed mental illness. Aren’t all criminals abnormal?

When do the marches start on behalf of this police officer who was out protecting the people of New York City? Where is Al Sharpton on this one?

I hope the police are putting Blackwell’s seatbelt on when he is being transported. Otherwise, they could be charged with attempted murder for endangering the welfare of a criminal.

God bless Officer Brian Moore, his family and loved ones.


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