When Will The Alarm Clock Be Answered?


With all the protests taking place, from “Occupying Wall Street”  as well as overall march on corporate America coming from Washington, I ask, what is the goal?

Let’s start with Wall Street. I watched the videos, listened to interviews and observed conversation and still, I sit here with a big question mark, were the protestors led to the gathering? Where was the initiation ceremony performed and by whom?

You have to ask these question for an objective seems to be missing in the mix. If one were to be upset because the neighbors dog was paying a visit to your front doorstep would that not be at the tip of your tongue? If garbage were being left on your living room table, would you have to fumble around in thought for a reason of disgust?

Here on Wall Street they say there is disdain for corporate America. First, who is corporate America? The protest is being streamed on the internet…..is there a disdain for that? Or as noticed the various laptops with manufacturers of Apple, IBM, Sony, Toshiba, HP any disdain there? How about the food and beverage suppliers? I see Evian, Poland Spring, Perrier. Broadcasts of the events being carried on NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX. Some of the stations owned by larger entities such as GE. The park where the protestors are staged is owned by Brookfield Properties, any disdain there?

Do they have a problem with all corporations or just some? The ones that inconvenience them perhaps, or is this what they are told to repeat? Why?

All I’m looking for is clarity and understanding. Maybe perhaps it has nothing to do with the corporations. Maybe today’s protest is one of ideology. Maybe the idea that an “individual” can grow to a corporation invokes some kind of jealousy? Maybe a feeling of not being involved in the decision making process of the corporation creates an envy?

To solve that problem would be to take the corporation away from the creators or builders and give or share it with the masses or public. Now if that is their goal what is the objective of their protests? Some type of collective? I ask this question only because with all the answers that are given this is where they seem to lead.

Now when you block the Brooklyn Bridge or directly involve yourself in confrontation with authority (the officers put in place to protect the public and uphold the laws for the safety of the people) mind you an authority that is not a part of the corporate structure, what is the goal there? Are you not jeopardizing your local neighbors and fellow citizens who you are supposedly advocating  for?

Let’s also pay attention to the daily Washington rant of  “corporate jets” and “fat cats” as well as “spread the wealth”and ” fair share”.  Have we entered a phase of trickle down collectivism?

With these moves and actions one has to ask, is it the corporations or is it the ideologies of America that are under attack?

The alarm clock is ringing we better wake up. I don’t think anyone wants to oversleep on this one.

God bless the NYPD

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