When You Think Climate Change Deal Think Mars Landing


crazy MSNBC reporter

An MSNBC reporter – and I use that term loosely – was broadcasting from the “exciting” Paris summit this morning and he described the thrilling environment surrounding the climate deal as it was signed Saturday as being like a moon landing or a Mars landing.

These people are sick puppies.

Yes, just like the moon landing when we actually accomplished things, felt proud of America, and had a vision. Now our vision is to give our money and resources to communists and other assorted dictators so we can stop the weather.

The deal today arranged for US wealth to be transferred to Banana Republics so they can live off US welfare. The humongous polluters like China can continue to build coal plants every week until 2030. Most polluters will be eligible for US tax dollars.

Yes, just like going to the moon.

This is like a religious cult and these people are fanatics. You can see how they would do harm to anyone who tries to stop them. They are already threatening prison for “deniers.”



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