Where 11 Republican Presidential Candidates Stand on Accepting Syrian Refugees


How Republican presidential candidates stand on accepting refugees from terrorist nations could be a serious issue for 2016.

75% of Syrian refugees are men

President Obama will admit 70,000 and perhaps up to 100,000 refugees this next fiscal year, beginning next month. Of that number more than 10,000 will be Syrians who are coming from a country where they cannot be vetted. We can’t vet them from Somalia, Libya and now Iraq as well as other countries because we do not have ears on the ground.

James Clapper, our National Intelligence Director, gave this warning about admitting refugees on September 9th.

How the candidates stand on this issue is important. Will their sympathies put the welfare of foreigners over Americans? All the candidates want the refugees vetted but we have been told by the intelligence community that they cannot be.

This is how they stand.


When it comes to illegal immigration, Trump has been clear, he wants to build a wall and take other security measures He wants to adopt “Touchback” amnesty.

Donald Trump said at first that he might be willing to admit Syrian refugees but quickly changed his mind to a definite “no”.


Jeb Bush said on Fox & Friends, “We should accept — we’re a country that has a noble tradition of accepting refugees. We need to make sure that they’re not part of ISIS or something like that.” He quickly went on to talk about destroying ISIS.


Marco Rubio said in an interview Tuesday with Boston Herald Radio that “We’ve always been a country that has been willing to accept people who have been displaced and I would be open to that if it can be done in a way that allows us to ensure that among them are not … people who are part of a terrorist organization. The vast and overwhelming majority of people who are seeking refuge are not terrorists, of course, but you always are concerned about that.”


Lindsey Gramnesty said, “We should take our fair share,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, said of the Syrian refugees at a Tuesday luncheon at the National Press Club in Washington. He declined to say how many but made an impassioned statement about the United States’ moral obligation to step up its assistance.

Given the current number of refugees coming in, “We should take down the Statue of Liberty and tear it down,” Graham said. “This is our response as a nation, just tear it down. We don’t mean it anymore.”

The Republican candidate called the current U.S. response a “blight on our honor” and told Europe to “up your game.” He added, “All you see happening in Syria, the worst is yet to come.”

Again, we have no way to vet them. Historically, his comment about the Statue of Liberty is interesting. At the time the lines from Emma Lazarus’ poem was inscribed on the statue, many were opposed and were accused of being nativists and xenophobes for being opposed. Some might have been nativists, but many felt we should be looked at as a nation with borders with its own culture and traditions. The poem suggested otherwise.


Carly Fiorina was clear and unequivocal, we “cannot relax our entrance criteria…the United States.” In response to Lindsey Graham, she said the U.S. has “done its fair share in terms of humanitarian aid.”

“The United States honestly, sadly, cannot relax our entrance criteria,” she said on CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday. “We are having to be very careful about who we let enter this country from these war torn regions to ensure that terrorists are not coming here. I think the Europeans need to continue to step up here both in terms of the amount of money they provide for humanitarian relief. They have not done as much as the United States has done on th


Scott Walker says the United States should stay out of the Syrian refugee crisis and focus on fighting terrorists instead.

“U.S. Should Not Take In Syrian Refugees: Governor says fighting #ISIS should be top priority,” he tweeted Wednesday night. The Wisconsin governor and GOP presidential contender was referring to the civil war in Syria that has caused more than 4 million people to flee their homes since 2011. Europe has been grappling with a flood of refugees, while other countries, including the U.S. are trying to figure out their role.

Walker, speaking at the Governor’s Small Business Summit in Eau Claire, Wisc. Wednesday, said America has already put enough resources into humanitarian efforts.

“In the last year America has received almost 70,000 refugees of which nearly 2,000 are from Syria. We’ve spent something like $4 billion in humanitarian relief in terms of helping the situation in Syria,” Walker said. “So, we’re doing more than any other country in the world and it’s got to be clear that the problem that has to be addressed is not the refugee issue that’s a symptom—the real problem is this administration fails to deal with taking on ISIS.”


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said on Fox News last week that if he were president, “I would sit down with allies and figure out how we can help.”

He won’t say how many refugees the U.S. should take in, simply insisting that the U.S. and other nations must “work together.”


Ted Cruz said he is opposed to the acceptance of more Syrian refugees in the US, warning that Muslim terrorists may be posing as Syrian “refugees” to infiltrate the US, according to Charisma News.

“In terms of settling the migrants, if the ultimate goal is to return them to their homes—which I believe it should be—it doesn’t make sense from a logistical or a security standpoint to move large numbers of them to far-off countries like the United States,” he said. He wants our role to be one of administering aid.


Asked if U.S. Should take in some of Europe’s refugees, Ben Carson says we must take care of own immigration issues first.


John Kasich believes it’s inhumane to deport illegal aliens – “it’s not humane, it’s not right, it’s not doable.” He wants all to be legalized “once we know who they are,” but doesn’t favor citizenship. He also doesn’t support ending birthright citizenship because it divides people. “I think we need to get over that,” he said referring to birthright citizenship. “I’m not for it anymore [ending it]. Let these people who were born here be citizens, and that’s the end of it. I don’t want to dwell there anymore.” He would build a wall and end sanctuary cities.

When it comes to accepting refugees from terrorist nations, he wants us to come up with a system that would ensure the people we are taking in are safe.

However, Obama has no intention of setting up such a system with Congress. The U.N. is vetting them and that is the process. He wants the Congress to be involved but Obama won’t allow that. The FBI and intelligence services said we cannot vet them.

Governor Kasich thinks it will bring us closer to the EU but unless we take half a million, it’s hard to see how the EU will think well of us.

“We are also a global leader,” Kasich said. He believes we can create a system “to determine who these folks are”.


Rand Paul said, “We are a welcoming nation, and we have accepted a lot of refugees, and I think we will continue to do so. But we also can’t accept the whole world, so there are some limits.”

“We’ve also run into some problems with accepting so many refugees that we take some of the people who could help rebuild the country,” he said. “We did this with Iraq, where we won the war, but then we accepted 60,000 Iraqi refugees into our country, some of which wish us harm and tried to attack us. Same way with Somalia. We’ve received so many immigrants and refugees from Somalia, that many of them are from the faction going back to Syria to fight against us.”

Consequently, he said the U.S. has to be “selective and careful” about who it takes in.

On Sean Hannity’s show, he said this:

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6 years ago

I know that none of them are worth shit, except Trump, Huckabee, and Cruz!

6 years ago

I’m disappointed in Carly Fiorina saying that most Women and people are against abortion after 5 months… It sounds that she in only against it herself after 5 months.. I would hope that MOST all people are against ANY abortion. I will go with Carson… He is one of the few who values life! He will fight for our freedoms and our life. True American that can be trusted to do what is morally and socially right for OUR country!

6 years ago

Trump will go out in a blaze of glory…. Carson and Cruz on this ticket! Definitely NO to BUSH and KASICH! I live in FL and am from OH so trust me when I say NO to these 2!

6 years ago

Dr. Carson is the only candidate with a sound mind. Listen to him .He is our Next President.

6 years ago

I think we have taken in to many all ready.I have work for 55 years and they are all ways
say we are out of the S-S we payed in.But we never run out of welfare money.I vote to stop
all of who comes here and the tax payers have to pay it.