Where Affordable Health Care Goes From Here


Barack Obama is finally admitting that there will be double-digit premium hikes throughout the nation. He didn’t mention the prohibitive deductibles. As Donald Trump said, “you have to get hit by a truck to use it”. At the same time, as Obamacare gets more and more unaffordable, people who can’t afford it are being fined. That’s the way of the left.

Barack Obama admitted the subsidies will cover most people but who is paying for that?

There is no doubt that if Hillary wins the election, it will be converted into Single Payer. Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act was designed to do just that. The Democrat senators are currently preparing a public option which will slowly eat away at all other options. No company can survive up against an option that has the unlimited funds of the taxpayer’s purse and does not have to compete or be held accountable.

To speed it along, Hillary has proposed Medicare for people aged 55, whether they’ve earned it or not, changing the Medicare system into a welfare system. She will do the same for Social Security. The effect of this change to Medicare of course is to provide a public option for people only 55 even though people are living much longer than when the Medicare program was devised.

When Social Security and Medicare were planned, the left promised they would be earned programs, not welfare.

Despite Hillary saying on the campaign trail that she will pour more money into Obamacare and save it, no one believes it can be saved nor did most think it was meant to last, which is why Barack Obama was so quick to admit the double-digit increases, That and the fact that he has no choice. He conveniently left out the fact that care is declining, deductibles are up, and health insurers are also beginning to collapse, relying more and more on government handouts. Doctors, hospitals and companies will be government employees. He did it! He nationalized healthcare.

Obama is comfortable that Hillary will win and he doesn’t have to duck as much as he used to. He simply has to finish destroying her opponent.

Hillary care was a worse system than the one Obama came up with. The penalties were far stiffer. Expect the punishments to be worse under Hillary this time too. The floggings will continue until we all beg for Single Payer.

More money will be used to prop it up until the new Single Payer-rationing healthcare system is accepted. It will be presented as the only alternative, just as the Iran deal was said to be the only alternative to war and the Agenda 2030 is the only alternative to the destruction of our planet. They created a war crisis that did not exist and a climate crisis that does not exist. It’s been 8 years of crises by a Marxist president who is using these man-made disasters to fundamentally transform us.

The leftists, and these people are leftists, have created a crisis in healthcare that did not exist and despite knowing our government programs are facing bankruptcy, they will demand one more unsustainable government program.

Once the government has complete control of your healthcare and forces all of us as into the role of dependent children, there is hardly anything else they need to control.

“Nasty women” will be in control. Elizabeth Warren screamed at a Clinton rally yesterday that “the nasty women are going to march their nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you [Trump] out of our lives forever.” We the American people will get to listen to these nasty women for 8 years, perhaps longer, because Elizabeth Warren will run for president at the end of the Clinton term. And they are nasty, they are corrupt, and they have little regard for our rights.

Once lost, we will not get these rights back. Hillary is planning to unleash armies of foreigners at the ballot boxes and we will be a one-party State, plus they will control our healthcare, our energy, our police, our banks, all pillars of society, and they will be harsh and merciless. If the corruption exposed by Wikileaks, FOIA releases, Project Veritas videos, criminal persecutions of climate doubters, targeting of political opponents by government agencies, promises to destroy our 1st and 2nd Amendments, taught us nothing, they should have taught us that.


The left is so sure of victory that the transition team is picking their candidates, but few will be white, Christian or Jewish as we know from their own emails.

“Personnel is policy,” said Robert B. Reich, a secretary of labor during the Clinton administration who supported Mr. Sanders during the nominating fight and who is a communist in the true sense of the word. Mr. Reich said he anticipated intense resistance to any appointees with ties to Wall Street. “As far I can tell, those discussions have already begun,” he added because the hard-left will control it all.

“We need a secretary of the Treasury who is prepared to take on the greed and recklessness of Wall Street, not someone who comes from Wall Street,” Communist Sanders wrote in an email on Monday.

Democrats frequently point to Ms. Warren as a model for how to gain the public’s attention in effectively blocking appointments. Hillary will comply.

These people will take the CEO who has worked hard all his life and rip him apart.

There is nothing “liberal” about these people. Call them what they are – hard left, leftists, Socialists, Communists and tyrants.

NeverTrumpers, the extraordinarily vicious Democrats, and the leftist media will have won, but what have they won? Open borders, open trade in a North American union, StalinCare, the hard-left in control of all branches of government and pillars of society with nowhere to go but further left, corruption, lies, globalism. Banks will continue to be fined billions to feed the funding of hard-left organizations and there will be that all-powerful executive branch. If Hillary drags her feet, which she probably won’t, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, George Soros and John Podesta will be there to make sure she does their bidding.

Evil will continue to expand in the world under an inept presidency unless Hillary gets us into war which is a serious possibility. Look what she did to Libya and tried to do to Egypt. She did say she’d go to war with Russia over cyber attacks.

Keep in mind that, as Colin Powell said, Hillary “screws up” everything she touches and she does it “with hubris”.

Where does healthcare go from here? It goes where all else goes – to the hard left. It will be unrecognizable.

Here they come…it’s the sound of nasty women, in for the kill.


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