Where are Republicans, media? What about presumption of innocence?


Where are the Republicans and where were they yesterday when our rule of law was violated? The media dishonestly supported the destruction of our rule of law during Mueller’s speech in which he indicted the President without a crime while pretending he wasn’t.

Without the presumption of innocence, we are cooked. It’s impossible to prove innocence against baseless allegations.

Mueller said, “If we had confidence the President did not clearly commit a crime, we would have said so.” He turned American jurisprudence upside down, taking the standard of innocence until proven guilty and reverse it.

He smeared the President because he didn’t prove he was innocent.

Democrats are on the verge of completely abandoning the Western rule of law and appear to think nothing of our values or culture. The media is corrupt and Republicans are MIA.

True patriots stand alone.

Yesterday, Robert Mueller deprived the President of the presumption of innocence and due process. It wasn’t only yesterday, it was during his entire probe and in his report. He did it with the full encouragement of the Democrat Party.

Lou Dobbs wants to know where the Republicans and the media are. Where are our leaders? Leaders Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy have become invisible.


“I’m going to say this is as sweetly and gently as I can,” Dobbs said on his Fox Business show last night, “Where are the Republicans in the Senate, and why isn’t there a response to the mendacity, the viciousness, the vileness of the Democrats as they attack this president!?” he asked on  “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

His guest Ed Rollins agreed.

“Well, I watch TV all day today, and they were missing in action totally,” Rollins said. “There was nobody out there basically defending this president, and it was easy to defend. This was the most outrageous thing I’ve seen in my 50 years around politics.”

“And at the end of the day, just because Democrats don’t have the guts to move forward on impeachment, because it’ll cost them and cost them dearly, they’re going to basically drag this thing out with their six or seven investigating committees in the House and try and find stuff that’s not there,” he continued. “And it’s time for it all to go away.”


Dobbs then asked Rollins whether Republicans will ever crawl out from under their rock and “stand up with this president.”

“I certainly hope so, and I’ll lose all faith in the Republican Party — and it’s pretty small at this point in time — if they don’t stand up,” Rollins replied, before dinging congressional Democrat leaders again, including House Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler, for their cowardice.

“Equally as important, gutless Democrats I think are having a hard time with all of this, and they realize the consequences of the election,” he said.” The speaker is all over the place today trying to try to make sure, and Nadler — he’s been wanting to do this for months now — is still not being brave and courageous. They want a roadmap handed to them that says basically here’s how to indict him, here’s how to get rid of him, and there’s not one.”

This isn’t only about standing up for President Trump, it’s standing up for the rule of law and the presumption of innocence.



  1. The republicans are not going to stand up because the party is corrupt and left of center. Some party people were in on the coup, spying and smearing of Trump. Plus there is the phony self serving loudmouth Graham posing as a Trump supporter. He has a key opportunity to call in hearing and do some of the other things he brags he will do and never will.

  2. Aside from his dirty dealings during his entire FBI career, Today I found out by listening to Rush that Mueller tried to get Trump to appoint him FBI Director but Trump wouldn’t. Also Mueller was once a member of one of Trump’s golf resorts and tried to get his initiation fees refunded when he moved from the area. What kind of dolt or jerk thinks these fees were akin to a deposit? Mueller had it in for President Trump so was out to get him any way he could.

  3. We, the people are asking the same question. Where are the republicans??? They’ve been MIA for decades or we wouldn’t be where we are today. Do we dare to ask what Jeff Session’s role was in this coup? I hope we get the answers sooner, than later.

  4. Graham is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Glad to see someone else who is onto him. Unfortunately, I believe he has trump bamboozled, along with many others. Any anti Graham comment on Facebook is met with attacks. He is ready to make an amnesty deal with the Dems and is a suppprter of the red flag gun control bill.

    • Let’s face facts, Graham 2.Zero has happily aided and abetted his friends across the aisle for nearly 2 decades. Gang of Eight amnesty proponent with Schumer & Durbin, called American citizens “bigots” for rejecting amnesty during a speech to LaRaza in ’07, voted to confirm Eric Holder, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagen. Then there’s his support for the NDAA and his subsequent votes to expand surveillance on Americans. Big deal, he had a couple of good soundbites during the Kavanaugh confirmation and that instantly made cuckservatives immediately forgive him of everything he did as a RINO hack. They even made up flaccid excuses like “Now that Graham is out from under McCain’s thumb, he’s found his voice.” That is a bunch of crap. I was convinced to vote for this joker when he first ran and haven’t voted for him since. A word of advice, get off of ZuckBook, it’s a cesspool…..

  5. Where are the Republicans? One was on the podium, giving the speech – Robert Mueller himself! I’m sorry if you aren’t comfortable with opposing viewpoints within your party, but Trump was literally investigated by a Republican appointed by Bush 🙂

    • Opposing opinions are fine, cowardice is something else. Dems stick together, not Republicans. As for the so-called Republican at the podium, it is irrelevant. He’s biased, his report and his comments deprived the President of the presumption of innocence and due process.

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