Where Is the Humanitarian Administration as ISIS Enslaves Girls As Young As 7


Our government suddenly feels the need to be humanitarians and take in Muslim refugees but where are they with Yazidis and Christians who can’t flee?

The State Department is considering declaring the Yazidis to be victims of genocide, as they should be, but not the Christians, who are suffering the same fate. For that reason, we see only the stories of Yazidis but at least they are being told on occasion and NBC News has one that is horrific.

ISIS takes over villages of Yazidis, separates the men from the women, kills all or almost all of the men and enslaves the women and girls. They take girls as young as 7 as sex slaves and make the older women work as laborers.

Aveen was held for nearly a year.
Aveen was held for nearly a year.

Yazidi women are sold into slavery over and over again. “Some are sold for weapons, or for just $10, or 10 cigarettes,” activist Khuder Domle said.

Some ISIS fighters send pictures of the women and girls to their families, either to taunt them or demand a ransom.

“Jeelan,” whose name also has been changed to protect her identity, escaped her ISIS captors in August, along with her nine-year-old sister.

Her 11-year-old sister, though, was still being held.

“She is very beautiful,” Jeelan said. “ISIS are asking for $25,000 to $35,000 for her freedom.”

It’s a curse to be beautiful, even for a child.

Even if they escape or are bought back by their families, they return with physical and psychological problems. Medical clinics set up in Kurdish territory where many Yazidis fled do what they can but they only give basic help.

Despite the orders from top religious to not shun women who have returned from ISIS captivity and sex slavery, some are shunned, adding to the many problems the women face.

This story of the Yazidis comes via NBC News and there are two videos well worth watching on the site.


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