Where Rubio’s Votes Will Go



Marco Rubio was gone and then there were three.

Rubio’s loss in Florida to Donald Trump leaves this race as essentially a two-man race. John Kasich has won Ohio, his first and only victory, and plans to go right to the convention which is his only conceivable path to the presidency if there is a brokered convention.

If the delegates put him into office on a third or fourth vote, there will be a revolt of a majority of its members. They won’t care about the country, they will stay home.

Trump won the Northern Marianas which means he is the first and only candidate to win the majority of delegates in eight primaries, meeting the requirements of the GOP’s Rule 40 and the evening isn’t over. It’s unlikely any of the other candidates can meet the standards of Rule 40.

Trump and Cruz are tied in Missouri, and Trump won North Carolina and Illinois as of 10:45 pm EST.

In January, Trump was on top but Cruz consistently came in as the second choice of Rubio voters, NBC News reported.


The Washington establishment, who frittered away opportunities, spent their time and money fighting Rubio and now they’re left with two men they hate and one who can’t win – at least not legitimately.

The establishment behaved foolishly. They were given the House in 2010 and they did nothing. They were given the Senate in 2014 and they did nothing. The majority of the electorate doesn’t see the need for them.

The tally of delegates as of 10:45 pm EST:


NBC News