Where the Criminals in Rikers Prison Are Going


When you hear where the prisoners of New York City’s Rikers Island prison are going, you won’t like it.

The prison complex at Rikers will be dismantled over the next ten years and prisoners will be put in smaller jails in quaint little towns.

You have likely heard that Rikers Island is infamous and you might hear a lot about the violence in the prison. As one of the world’s largest prison complexes, it’s become known as one of the most notorious as well.

No matter what you’ve heard, it’s not the so-called deplorable conditions that is the problem, it’s the character of the prisoners. The worst of the worst go to Rikers.

It will cost billions and billions to close it. Three small prisons will replace it even though they will only accommodate less than 50% of the prisoners. The other 50%+ will be released and sent off into our communities.

They are going to stick these prisons in lovely neighborhoods, like Kew Gardens. It’s a very nice town.

Placing them in the boroughs, they say, would reduce travel time to court appearances, speeding the process and saving city money, and allow for easier visitation for family members of those in the jail system.

Why would they really do this? Keep in mind that these politicians running New York City are corrupt, beginning with Bill de Blasio, the communist mayor.

The obvious answer is they want the prime real estate the prison sits on. It’s a beautiful island in a city where land is short supply. They will make a fortune from this deal. That is what it’s mostly about and they get to release all those dangerous criminals as an added plus.

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