While All Were Focused Elsewhere, Another Obama Legacy Item Will Bite the Dust


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will propose repealing the Clean Power Plan – the Obama administration’s centerpiece regulation to fight climate change.

Another one bites the dust, yeah!

There are plans to replace it with something. We have a suggestion, replace it with nuclear power plants.

The repeal is is the first step in banishing the cut to carbon emissions, following up on President Trump’s executive order in March launching a review.

Obama’s slashing of fossil fuels has seriously harmed coal mining and oil drilling industries. The Obama future is one of being enslaved to China for our fuel since they build coal plants every ten days and own US mines, along with Russia.

Twenty-seven states sued the Obama administration and the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals suspended it with Friday as a deadline for status reports from the EPA on how to proceed.

The EPA document, distributed to members of the agency’s Regulatory Steering Committee, said the EPA “is issuing a proposal to repeal the rule.”

The agency now intends to issue what it calls an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to solicit input as it considers “developing a rule similarly intended to reduce CO2 emissions from existing fossil fuel electric utility generating units.”

There are no details of the new rule.

This Climate Power Plan was an Obama tool to meet emissions cuts as promised by the toothless Paris Climate Agreement. The Agreement merely redistributed the U.S.’s wealth and some of the EU wealth to everybody else. Even the worst offenders, like India, didn’t have to do a thing and would be assisted until they reach our level of progress. China only promised to do something in 2030, when many of the people who signed on to this will be dead!

The Climate Power Plan was seen as the main tool for the United States to meet emissions cuts it promised in the Paris Climate Agreement, the fake global pact to fight climate change which only the US would abide by.

The replacement rule could take years. The longer the better.



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