While Congress tries to unseat a president, narco-terrorists expand throughout the USA


The following letter was sent to select members of Congress and the Homeland Security Committee while the majority of Congress engage in a witch hunt as opposed to making America safe.

Agent Derek Maltz on the right

My name is Derek Maltz and I retired from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) after a 28-year career. My last position was the Director of the Special Operations Division in the Washington, DC area. This operational coordination center known as “SOD” had representatives from over 30 agencies to include 4 countries and the N.Y.P.D. We had a Counter Narco-Terror Operations Center embedded in the multi-agency location and supported several terror finance investigations.

Since my retirement, I have been following the disturbing trend of synthetic drugs (K2/Spice), EBT welfare fraud, and illegal cigarette trafficking around the USA.  This is growing and quite alarming when you look at the monies moving overseas to Yemen and other radical countries.

While I was at SOD, we worked on several nationwide enforcement operations targeting synthetic, K2/ Spice,  organizations including Project Synergy, which was a well-publicized law enforcement takedown of nationwide Spice organization where we saw millions being sent back to Yemen from Alabama and New York.

The most troubling thing I learned is many of the Middle Eastern group’s organizing the distribution of this poison all over the USA, that is killing kids and destroying families, are sending millions back to the Middle East, which I believe is directly supporting terrorism.

They are engaging in many crimes in addition to the sale of drugs, illegal cigarettes, and drug paraphernalia. They also engage in EBT welfare fraud and the sale of counterfeit goods. We have seen cases all over the place that have the same patterns of activity and they are in our back yards under the radar.

One thing that is really disappointing is Congressman Peter King  and his staff recognized this problem 12 years ago and wrote an article “Tobacco and Terror” on monies going to the Middle East from the untaxed cigarettes in New York City, but the problem has evolved and the networks are running crime centers in our country to support radical movements.

We have learned that businesses around the USA have organized this global fundraising campaign with the proceeds of crime.  Illegal Tobacco is one of the sources of revenue.

I attached a comprehensive PDF document to give you a better idea of the scope of the problem. So as many members of Congress are trying to hurt President Trump, the Middle Eastern groups are operating with impunity here in America to support terrorism.

The letter was written by Derek Maltz, currently a National Security Public Safety Executive.


Disturbing Terror Financing Trend From Criminal Activity on Scribd

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