While Obama Is MIA, Rioters Smack Each Other Around


Barack Obama has not said one word about these rioting youth running wild through city streets. In fact, we all know by now that he loves this. He can pretend to be gracious to Donald Trump while allowing mayhem to rule the streets and reflect badly on Trump. The media does their part by pretending this is an organic movement.

In the video clip below, you can watch them attack each other.

Watch as a woman shouted for a man to stop as he successfully beat the lock off the door of a box. The man flung it open, nearly hitting her in the face.

Another woman jumped in front of the box, pushed him away, told him to stop attacking the box. He pushed her and then the mob of crazy youth went wild.

“You’re hitting women!” one person yelled as a woman in a burka could be seen in the mess of angry people with fists flying.

“F*ck you!” another screamed.

The rioters settled down for a bit.

They are behaving exactly as the OWs behaved. No doubt they are the same people, and they are definitely funded by the same terrorist, George Soros. When I reported on the OWs – the Occupy Wall Street crowd- I mixed in with them and found they were funded by MoveOn, which is funded by George Soros. They beat each other up also.

These riots are funded by MoveOn, the Socialist Party, the Revolutionary Communist Party, and other leftist groups.

This could go on for years.

Meanwhile the bird-dogging continues.


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