While Trump Is Trying to Win Peace with Kim, Dems Are Undermining Him


While the President is overseas trying to work out a peace pact with a very dangerous leader, the Democrats are doing what they always do. They are trying their best to make certain he is not successful.

On Wednesday, they have serial perjurer and disbarred lawyer Michael Cohen testifying that Trump is a criminal.

Cohen is a congenital liar, so much so that the FBI said nothing he says can be trusted.

Also today, the House passed a bill to stop the President from securing the border under a national emergency declaration. It wasn’t only Democrats undermining the President. Disgracefully, thirteen so-called Republicans joined the Democrats. The vote was 245 – 152.

These are the 13 Republicans who went over to the Socialists’ side: Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, Cathy McMorris, Brian Fitzpatrick, Mike Gallagher, Herrera Beutler, Will Hurd, Mike Johnson, Francis Rooney, Jim Sensenbrenner, Elise Stefanik, Fred Upton, Greg Walden.

This is no joke. These Republicans don’t seem to understand the Democrats want to make the United States into an open border Socialist nation. And they are doing it for power.

Every single time the President is doing something important overseas, these people undercut him. Every time!


Border patrol expects to nab hundreds of thousands anonymous people this year, and in 2017, another 600,000 overstayed visas. Many more are never caught. More than 70,000 Americans died in 2017 from drug overdoses. Illegal aliens have killed thousands of Americans and murders in Mexico rose by 33% in 2018.


Democrats have no ethics and are willing and eager to destroy people to win. They launch extreme, baseless attacks like the one by Rep. Scanlon. She’s an absolute disgrace calling border agents who risk their lives — Nazis.

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4 years ago

Wisconsin’s (my state) new idiot governor Tony Evers has recalled the National Guard from the border because he says there’s not enough evidence there’s a national emergency.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jon

What don’t these leftists understand about becoming Venezuela? I fear our collapse is close at hand and the President is doing his best despite the opposition from congress. Praying for his strength and resolve.