Whiney Acosta LIES! Says Trump Didn’t Call on US Press in Vietnam


Screengrab of Jim Acosta

CNN’s Jim Acosta whined about the President not calling on the U.S. press in Vietnam. “He was calling on reporters from Russian state media, Chinese state media, Sean Hannity from FOX,” Acosta said.

That was a lie. Trump called on reporters from ABC, Bloomberg, CBS, Fox News, NPR, New York Times, and The WashingtonPost.

What really must have burned the whiney Acosta is when the President called on Sean Hannity who isn’t a reporter.

Acosta asserted that Trump may have avoided White House press corps journalists in an effort to dodge questions about Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, who testified Wednesday on the Capitol Hill.

Acosta was very happy the President didn’t get a signed agreement with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. Peace is not important to CNN, damaging the President is what matters.

Acosta was just angry the President gave a question to China, Russia, and Sean Hannity over him.


The Cohen hearing was likely an effort to undercut the President while he was trying to bring peace to the world. Today, many in the press are trying to undermine him again. CNN is the worst.

CNN’s Jim Sciutto, who is a former Obama official, compared the press conference in North Korea to the Helsinki press conference with Putin. That comparison is dishonest, they are not even remotely the same.

As liberal independent reporter Michael Tracey said, it’s a disgrace that Democrats upstaged [and undercut] the President’s summit with Kim Jong-un.

The media is now rejoicing over the failed summit. CNN, the Democrat media, is claiming the summit was an effort to distract.

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