Whistleblower attorney defends his plan for a coup and impeachment as a ‘lawful process’


The whistleblowers’ attorney Mark Zaid tweeted a plan to take down the President in a “coup” and follow it up with “impeachment.” He is defending those tweets as a “completely lawful process.”

According to 1010 Wins, a CBS affiliate in New York, those tweets were written with the belief that Trump would likely be “stepping over the line” at some point during his presidency.

“Those tweets were reflective and repeated the sentiments of millions of people,” Zaid said. “I was referring to a completely lawful process of what President Trump would likely face as a result of stepping over the line, and that particularly whatever would happen would come about as a result of lawyers. The coup comment referred to those working inside the Administration who were already, just a week into office, standing up to him to enforce recognized rules of law.”

Democrats should stop calling talk of a coup a ‘conspiracy’ theory.

Zaid did more than just tweet the ‘coup has started’ nine days after the President was inaugurated, he announced an outline of a plan to which CNN would be a party.

Zaid’s tweets appear unhinged and he is a true Trump hater. He advertised for whistleblowers and offered incentives to get them.

There is little doubt Zaid wanted to overturn the results of the election from January 2017 when he tweeted an announcement of his loose plan. He arranged to get whistleblowers — anonymous ones — and he pursued Trump-hating celebrities to assist him.

He thought the Emoluments Clause was possible or these so-called witness testimonies [conspiracies] set up with [fake] whistleblowers might work. His partner thought the 25th Amendment could do it.

We can’t answer for who exactly they were involved with but they obviously tried to unseat the President since January 2017 and took action with whistleblowers-in-hiding who have no first-hand information.

He has worked with House Democrats and has other ties to the Deep State. Does it sound like a coup? You decide.

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