White House Calls Out Media for “Unintentional Complicity” with North Korea


White House officials are harshly criticizing the media for “complicity” with North Korea. The MSM’s obsequious and extremely positive coverage of North Korea’s Kim Yo-jong at the Winter Olympics is interfering with the administration’s dealings, the Free Beacon reported.

MSM’s Unintentional Complicity

The media provided extremely positive coverage, fawning coverage, of the North Korean dictator’s sister, a woman who is said to be the closest confidante and a policymaker for the murderous madman Kim Jong-un.  She is also in charge of North Korea’s Joe Goebbels-style propaganda.

It would be akin to the MSM praising Joseph Goebbels in 1939. There is little difference.

CNN declared that Kim Yo-jong was “stealing the show”. She was Olympic “gold,” said another. At the same time, they belittled the Vice President of the United States Michael Pence.

Yo-jong is a high-ranking official in the North Korean government. She is helping to oppress her people and put innocent people in prisons where they are tortured and killed. Look at what they did to Otto Warmbier.

The New York Times wrote that Kim had “turn(ed) on the charm,” while The Washington Post called her the “Ivanka Trump of North Korea.”

“With its fawning coverage of Kim Yo Jong and the Kim regime, much of the U.S. media has unintentionally become complicit in North Korea’s charm offensive,” the official told The Washington Free Beacon.

America Won’t Back Down

Officials emphasized that the U.S. will continue to sanction North Korea, and America won’t back down until the regime ends its obsession with nuclear weapons.

Vice President Michael Pence was seated a few feet in front of the oppressive leader Yo-jong. The left wants to make an issue of the fact that the VP gave her the cold shoulder. This regime is threatening to level our cities with a nuclear bomb. What don’t they get about that?

Pence attended the games to serve as a reminder that the U.S. takes North Korea’s behavior very seriously, despite the media’s adoring coverage of the regime.

The media is complicit and they won’t allow the President to do his job.

There is a way to handle a bully and catering to the bullies of North Korea has not been effective. They are at the point of leveling us with nuclear weapons because of our appeasement policies. While we shouldn’t go to war with these people, we can’t let them go on building a nuclear nation.

The Trump administration won’t cave to the media’s pressure

“The U.S. is in no way easing up pressure on the regime,” said a senior administration official. “And unlike much of the mainstream media, the Trump administration is not falling for North Korea’s transparent propaganda.”

“The (vice president and president) will continue to apply maximum pressure and keep all means necessary on the table to denuclearize the Korean peninsula,” that official added.

The (vice president) did exactly what he set out to accomplish,” the officials said. “He served as a foil and constant reminder to the North Koreans that the U.S. would not turn a blind eye to its behavior — and would not allow it to be normalized.”

The U.S. can’t alleviate the pressure on the Hermit Kingdom. The MSM doesn’t care what the administration wants. They think they get to decide how foreign relations will be conducted.

Later, Pence told The Washington Post that the U.S. is ready to conduct talks with North Korea. But just because talks take place, it doesn’t mean the U.S. is going to stop putting intense pressure on the regime.

“The point is, no pressure comes off until they are actually doing something that the alliance believes represents a meaningful step toward denuclearization,” Pence said aboard Air Force One on his way home from the Olympics.

“So the maximum pressure campaign is going to continue and intensify. But if you want to talk, we’ll talk.”

The US Will Not Fall for the “Charade”

Just days before the Olympics, meanwhile, Pence announced the U.S. will implement the toughest sanctions yet against North Korea.

It’s a move that represents a “continuation of the U.S.’s maximum pressure campaign to get them to halt their nuclear pursuits,” a Trump administration official told the Free Beacon.

That specific official said they have not “fallen” for North Korea’s “charade”.

The MSM apparently has fallen for the charade.

How “unintentional” is their complicity? The White Hosue is being kind saying it’s unintentional. They have already shown they will do anything to topple the opposition and the country be damned.


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