White House Hits Back at Swamp Critter McConnell, Dobbs Says ‘Ditch Mitch’


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told a Rotary Club gathering in Kentucky this week that Trump’s “excessive expectations” are responsible for them getting nothing done during this session of Congress.

A better target for McConnell would be Senators McCain, Murkowski and Collins who refused to vote for even a “skinny” healthcare bill. Those three are actually Democrats and that’s where McConnell’s anger should be directed.

McConnell has been swimming in the swamp a long time and can’t see his way out.

Lou Dobbs says McConnell is shameless. Both Ed Rollins and Lou Dobbs said it’s time for Mitch McConnel to retire. “He’s tired”, says Rollins.

They haven’t even passed a budget in two decades. They only pass Obama’s spending bills.

President Donald Trump and his media executive, Dan Scavino, responded.

The President said he didn’t think he had “excessive expectations” after hearing for 7 years that Republicans would repeal and replace.

“More excuses,” Scavino tweeted, adding that McConnell “must have needed another 4 years — in addition to the 7 years — to repeal and replace Obamacare.” He included a link to a Fox Business story about McConnell’s comments.

Senate Republicans failed last month to pass a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, the healthcare law officially called the Affordable Care Act, for now killing the efforts to overhaul the US healthcare system.

Scavino followed up with another tweet, using a hashtag of one of Trump’s favorite taglines, “drain the swamp.”

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