White House Issues Nonsensical Statement About Kidnapped Sailors



After Iran arrested our sailors and claimed we apologized, John Kerry thanked the Iranians for not abusing the sailors. Kerry suggested the nuclear deal helped with this quick release, ignoring the fact that Iran acted as hostiles in this situation, attempting to put lipstick on this pig.

The commander of the ship apologized. He was only supposed to give name, rank and serial number. A video has been released showing the apology.

He thanked our enemies for humiliating us and for taking Americans hostage. The administration was showing the necessary obsequiousness.

The Iranians just want their $100 to $150 billion on Friday.

Here are our military being humiliated. This was shown on Iranian TV today and is being shown throughout the world.

It’s the tale the administration has unanimously agreed to spin. Nancy Pelosi said the sailors’ release is proof of building diplomatic relations with Iran.

In this next video exchange, Josh Earnest tries to make people believe that by acting like toadies to Iran and allowing them to get the bomb in less than 10 years, he is ensuring that Iran does not get the bomb. The sanctions are being removed and they are irreversible yet Earnest claims they are putting sanctions in place that matter.

There is no context in which this makes any sense whatsoever.

We don’t know the details yet as to how the two ships wandered into Iranian territory and Iran kept the GPS equipment.

Iran has been illegally launching ICBMs, fired shots around a US ship, and still holds four Americans hostage though Obama claims he does not leave any man behind. We should at least have gotten our hostages back for over $100 billion.