White House Orders Climate Change War Games Because Obama’s Delusional



The priority for our Armed Forces is now climate change! Barack Obama is continuing his delusions for all the world to see.

Barack Obama is destroying the military as best he can. A new directive from the Pentagon calls for climate to be the focus at all levels of armed forces. The White House is urging commanders to launch war games to prepare troops for operations in extreme conditions.

This is while we are under threat from foreign terrorists. The maniac in the White House is making fools of Americans and he’s doing it deliberately as Marco Rubio has said so many times before.

Strange how no one is covering this except the right-wing press.

What does a weather war game look like? Are they going to shoot missiles at hurricanes? Aim at the eye of the hurricane!!!

Remember when the delusional president said fish were swimming in the streets of Miami? He told the attendees at the Paris Summit,  “You go down to Miami and when it’s flooding at high tide on a sunny day, the fish are swimming through the middle of the streets.”

Every area of our Armed Forces will be thoroughly infiltrated with climate change hysteria while we are under threat from global jihadism, China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea, among others.

That was a delusional untrue statement but he said it anyway.


Climate Change website reported:

“US military planners have been ordered to war game climate change scenarios, focusing on “geopolitical and socioeconomic instability” linked to extreme weather.”

“A new directive says forces need to undertake joint training exercises with allies to ‘enhance capacity’ and ‘improve tactics’ for tackling impacts linked to global warming.”

“’Mission planning and execution must include identification and assessment of the effects of climate change on the DoD [department of defence] mission,’ it reads.”

“Mission planning and execution must include identification and assessment of the effects of climate change on the DoD [department of defence] mission,” it reads.

Under DOD DIRECTIVE 4715.21 chiefs of staff, equipment buyers and health advisers will need to integrate climate change into any new purchases, missions or infrastructure plans.

The document, which is signed off by Robert Work, deputy secretary of Defense, calls for greater work with climate scientists to “reduce risk and promote mission execution.”

Planners must “integrate climate change considerations into mission area analyses and acquisition strategies across the life cycle of weapons systems, platforms, and equipment.”

Medical staff will need to update training to “address effects on personnel, including changes in extreme temperatures, precipitation patterns, and disease vector distribution.”

Obama even had NATO military alliance war-game the use of wind and solar energy systems last year, while the US Navy recently launched a ‘Green Fleet’ partly powered by biofuels.


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6 years ago

Evil reigns at the White House!#