White House Responds to the Announcement of Impeachment


President Trump has responded to Speaker Pelosi’s announcement that she will call for articles of impeachment. After Intelligence Committee hearings with non-fact witnesses who presumed the President did something wrong, and after an abysmal performance of three biased professors at the House Judiciary yesterday, Democrats are moving forward with the coup.

The President responded and said he is looking forward to a fair trial in the Senate “so that our Country can get back to business.” He wants a number of these Democrats to testify but they will obstruct as they always do.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisholm responded, saying the Speaker and the Democrats “should be ashamed.” The President has “done nothing but lead our country – resulting in a booming economy, more jobs & a stronger military, to name just a few of his major accomplishments.”

This will be the first impeachment with “no established crime.”

This is their abuse of power.

This is opinion, but we’d like to say that these Democrats are socialists and communists who are going for this to achieve one-party rule. They are the monarchs. They want only their voices heard.

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