White House Rewrites Benghazi History As Clapper Goes Under the Bus


President Obama and his people are rewriting their Benghazi history book. The White House is now trying to claim that President Obama said it was a terror attack all along and they are pointing to James Clapper as the one responsible for the video protest story.

It is not possible for this to be accurate but they are saying it anyway. James Clapper now joins Hillary Clinton under the bus. Perhaps they will send him to Peru also.

The false statement was first made by President Obama during the second debate and was verified by the left-leaning moderator. He said that he called the Benghazi attack a terror attack the day after the event while speaking in the Rose Garden.

Debate Exchange:

President Obama referred to “terror” in the Rose Garden speech indirectly and made a vague reference to it the day after, giving him plausible deniability, but that does not make it true. He also blamed the video at the top of his Rose Garden speech. Was he shooting before he aimed?

President Obama’s Rose Garden speech:


The fact is that he and his people tried to spin a tale around the terror attack as nothing more than an unfortunate outcome over a spontaneous revolt over a video protest while he knew that was not true. Obama then covered it up for almost a month.

In making his new claim, that he called it terror all along, he did not explain why he would then fly to a campaign event in Vegas if he thought the U.S. was the victim of a terror attack on 9/11.

All evidence points to this as a dishonest ruse. President Obama sent Susan Rice, Jay Carney, Victoria Nuland and James Clapper out to say it was the result of a video protest. He also went before the U.N. and apologized for the video six times. He gave speeches in this regard and said the same thing on The View. Both he and Hillary Clinton apologized for the video on Pakistani TV via ads, which were followed by riots.

The word terror was carefully avoided. Nuland was even questioned about that and claimed that they needed more information before they called the “attack” a “terror attack.”

All this was done while most Americans knew it was a terror attack. The White House knew it was a terror attack because they were in contact with the consulate in real time. They did not want to admit it was a terror attack. President Obama seems incapable of using the words “Islamic terrorism.”

So how does President Obama get out of the coverup? Dianne Feinstein might have the answer. She blamed it on General James Clapper!

Dianne Feinstein blamed intelligence, specifically General James Clapper, for the Benghazi misinformation in the following interview. She claimed it was verified in the debate. She said he gave out the initial “speaking points” which “was a mistake.” In other words, it is now the fault of the Director of National Intelligence for the talking points the White House used.

The Benghazi consulate was the “last flag” standing according to Eric Norstrom and it was obvious to those at the consulate that it was only a matter of time before they would be attacked in order to drive them out of the area. Al Qaida organizations are taking over Eastern Libya.

The government knew in “real time” what happened in Benghazi. The attack went on for five hours and they had constant contact.

There is no question the President did not want to admit the attack was a terror attack and that he attempted to make it into a video protest from the moment he gave his first speech in the Rose Garden. The 9/11 terror attack exposed the al Qaida takeover of Eastern Libya while he has been claiming al Qaida is no longer an issue.

If people haven’t been following the Benghazi situation, this might seem plausible, but for anyone who has been following it, it is completely unbelievable.

How can we possibly have a president who lies and rewrites history with impunity? Is this still the United States?

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