White House Strategizes with BlackLivesMatter “Threat Actors”


selfie with Brittany Packnett and Jarrett

Black Lives Matter leaders, a radical group funded by Socialist George Soros who also funds Democrat campaigns, were invited to the White House for what appears to be a strategy session on September 16th.

The selfie above was posted on Twitter by Brittany Packnett, a BlackLivesMatter radical, along with the comment, “honest and action oriented. thank you continuing to engage with the movement, Valerie.” The photo was taken during a planning session.

“Great meeting, Brittany. Truly appreciate your leadership!!” Jarrett tweeted back.

Jarrett met with three organizers for Campaign Zero. DeRay McKesson, Brittany Packnett, and Johnetta Elzie as well as Phil Agnew of the Dream Defenders and Jamye Wooten, an organizer for Baltimore United for Change were there, according to a senior White House official who confirmed the visit to BuzzfeedBreitbart reported.

Ms. Elzie and Mr. McKesson were identified by a Baltimore cybersecurity firm ZeroFox as “threat actors” in a crisis management report it provided to the city.

It describes McKesson and Elzie as “high” severity, “physical,” and “#mostwanted” threats and notes both have a “massive following” on social media. It says that ZeroFox was engaged in “continuous monitoring” of their social media accounts and specifies their geographical locations at the time of the report.

threat actors

Elzie told Soros’ Mother Jones in early August, “Oppressed people are everywhere. Our situation in America, the way black people are experiencing living in America, is very similar to how Palestinians are experiencing living in their homes by the Israeli government. It’s global…”

Wooten shares leftist literature on Twitter and preaches far-left in all matters.

They also met with Roy Austin, the director of the White House Office of Urban Affairs. That department decides the issue of “fairness” and distributes taxpayer wealth accordingly. They are usually only fair to minorities. It’s not about equality, it’s about reparations.

The White House has been pushing this BlackLivesMatter movement since Ferguson to further their leftist agenda. They met with them publicly in December of last year at the height of rioting and protesting and formed a commission of these “protesters” and White House officials.

Brittany Packnett, who attended the December meeting, said at the time that Obama was taking an “interest” and wanted them to continue. “Keep speaking truth to power,” he said.

Mr. Obama also told the Ferguson extremists to “stay the course”, which was the same thing he told Al Sharpton. He advised them to “think big” and “go gradual.”

The Democrats and the Obama administration had hoped the Occupy Movement would help them push their progressive-Marxist agenda but it failed. The group and the media at the time complained that they couldn’t get blacks involved. Then came Hands Up, Don’t Shoot which was based on a lie. It later morphed into #BlackLivesMatter to camouflage its deceitful origins.

That’s not to say there aren’t bad cops. There are but like everything with the far left, they take a legitimate issue, blow it up into a crisis, and then make dramatic changes that suit their progressive Marxist agenda.

Philip Agnew, another attendee, who boasted on his Twitter account that he is “the dealer and the stoner”, is a ruffian and a community organizer. He wrote an essay for the guardian in December and this is how he began his piece:

On Monday, representatives from a community in active struggle against state sanctioned killing, violence and repression met with the President of the United States of America. Not “civil rights leaders”, not “activists”, not “spokespeople”. This wasn’t a group of “Beltway Blacks”, this wasn’t a delegation of “respectable negroes”, this wasn’t an assemblage of “yes men and women”.

“We” were from Missouri (Ashley Yates, Brittany Packnett, T Dubb-O, Rasheen Aldridge); Ohio (James Hayes); New York (Jose Lopez); and Florida (me). It all happened quickly and, yes, we all were skeptical.

He quoted one of the attendees – Ashley Yates:

Ashley brought home our tale of two countries – of the “other America” – telling the president that women – women like Sasha and Malia – are standing on the front lines, facing the full fury of an oppressive state.

Anyone who believes Sasha and Malia are facing an oppressive state lives in a fantasy world.

This is the part that should make people stand up and take notice [emphasis is mine]:

We beseeched President Obama to invest in community-based alternatives to policing and incarceration and challenged him on the lack of data on the state’s systematic and underreported killings of unarmed black and Latino people.

He listened. Intently. He responded passionately. He agreed with many of our points and offered his take on the current State of the Union. He presented the reforms that have dominated the discourse in the hours after our meeting. He cautioned us against demanding too big and stressed gradualism.

Why the gradualism if not to fool people? He didn’t simply agree either. This Soros-backed movement is his baby.

One of the December attendees, Ashley Yates, who goes under the name brownblaze on twitter, has no respect for the police. She was happy when mobs antagonized the “sh!$” out of the cops:

She has been part of the death-ins, has called for revolution, and makes comments like “black silence = white complicity” on twitter. Her twitter page is full of anti-white – white privilege – gibberish.

T Dubb-O was in attendance in December. He’s a rapper of vile lyrics which you can read on this link. He appears proud to have no ethical system limiting him. He’s a gangster of sorts.

December attendee James Hayes tweeted:

“We have NOTHING to lose. If you’re afraid of police or jail or death you’re already dead.” — @MC_CARREL #ICantBreathe #ShutItDown

Rasheen Aldridge, another attendee, has called for mob action on his twitter page.


He has been arrested for assault:

One of those who met with Barack Obama at a previous time was Bassem Masri. Glenn Beck called him the sinister Palestinian,Axis of Evil,Ferguson Livestreamer, according to his Twitter page. His bizarre interviews can be seen on youtube.

BlackLivesMatter is a vile hate group that has been responsible for attacks on police officers and for extensive destruction of property. It’s a Marxist movement with an agenda.

Brittany Packnett is also a member of Obama’s presidential task force on 21st century policing which is aimed at federalizing local police and making them into a social work policing agency under the dictatorial thumb of the feds.

These people are Marxists changing the culture of the country, not for the benefit of blacks in the end, for the benefit of the ideology. It’s always about the ideology.

Sheriff David Clarke calls them “BlackLiesMatter.”