White House Pushes for Tyranny in 2016


evil obama

White House chief of staff Denis McDonough recently announced that there would be an“audacious” use of executive actions in 2016 and they will be carefully crafted to “make sure the steps we have taken are ones we can lock down and not be subjected to undoing through [Congress] or otherwise,” the hill reported. Valerie Jarrett made the same chilling announcement.

Neither would specifically say what actions would be subject to Obama’s dictatorial rule but we are getting a hint of what they might be.

Today he announced loosening up travel and commerce with Cuba. The Congress won’t lift the embargo so he will find ways around it.

He’s going to ban solitary confinement for juveniles and who knows who else. His push to release hardened criminals has now morphed into keeping them from being punished while violent in prison. This will continue.

The most concerning thing I read was his plan to pursue changes in retirement savings. His excuse is that retirements should be able to follow employees from job to job. It’s an argument he used for Obamacare.

Obama fundamentally misunderstands capitalism but fully understands Marxism. He wants to establish a Social Security-like system of retirement that will run in a similar fashion. Obviously the federal government will have a superior role in some way. He calls it Building a 21st Century Retirement System. Like all tyrannical actions that come out of his office, there are some good ideas included but this man cannot be trusted.

One thing listed on the White House fact sheet today was a taxpayer-funded subsidy in the way of tax cuts for employers who provide retirement plans.

Obama hopes to use the 2017 Budget to force employers to allow every employee who has worked 500 hours a year for three years to join the existing retirement plan. He thinks he has the right to tell private business what to do in every way.

Will he use executive actions? Perhaps.

He’d like to make a government retirement plan a human right and take over the trillions locked in private retirement if he could. He’d love nothing better than to scoop up the funds and nationalize retirements because he sincerely believes in Big, Huge Government.

His failed federal MyRA would be expanded under his current wish list.

We already have portable retirement. It’s called savings and it’s up to people, not government, to do it.

Today he unilaterally removed all executive orders – sanctions – against Iran. Iran just secured $80 billion a year in business deals this week. He has done everything imaginable to make them into a powerhouse.

Barack Obama is a patient, slow-moving Marxist. He doesn’t bring out the cannons. Instead he infects the system with Marxism through hiring practices and memorandums.

Business groups say they fear the worst.

“Executive orders are very tough to deal with,” said Thomas Donohue, president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

“I believe presidents ought to have executive power, but there are instances or times when it is abused and used basically to get around the Congress – not to deal with emergencies or particular sensitive issues that everyone sort of agrees on. You can assume that we will be very involved with every tool we have.”

They have used federal contractors as scapegoats and sounding boards for his leftist agenda and they will probably be again.

Certainly you can expect many more regulations and fossil fuel-killing rules.

Some leftists want him to violate a SCOTUS decision on Citizens United. GITMO is undoubtedly on the bucket list.

Guns are always on the agenda as is illegal immigration and unvetted refugees.