White Privileged Antifa Child Curses Out Black Police Officer


The climate change protests were peaceful everywhere except in Portland. Reporter Andy Ngo reported the Antifa used the excuse of the climate protests to attack police. What bothers Ngo the most is Antifa is recruiting younger and younger children.

Watch the ‘rough, tough’ purple-haired child of white privilege f-bombing a black cop — cause he could. The Antifa are out of control.

Go to about 02:05:



  1. This is what happens when you have a few generations that have put children on the same level as adults. You get chaos. You get children who have never been told ‘no’, who have never been told that they are wrong, who become adults that act like feral young things. And they never grow up. They remain feral, disruptive, unproductive, uncivilized children for the rest of their lives.

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