White-Skinned, Blue-Eyed Jorge Ramos Says Trump Thinks the US Is a White Country


Tucker took on the Senior News Anchor for Univision and Fusion over recent racially-provocative comment. He suggested the country belongs only to Latinos.

Jorge, the rich, white Mexican-American didn’t have a good answer for what a Latino actually is.

The American left has successfully classified all those different people and different cultures under one umbrella so they can say they represent all of them. It’s a lazy but effective approach.

According to the Census Bureau, Hispanic is not a race so Hispanics get two classifications on census records. They get to check off Hispanic, even if they are US citizens, and they get to pick a race, white or black.

“Hispanic” is a narrower term than “Latino” that only refers to persons of Spanish-speaking origin or ancestry, while “Latino” is more frequently used to refer more generally to anyone of Latin American origin or ancestry, including Portuguese and Portuguese-speaking Brazilians.

The term “Hispanic” was adopted by the United States government in the early 1970s during the administration of Richard Nixon. Members of a Hispanic interdepartmental Ad Hoc Committee pushed for it.

The terms have been used brilliantly by the left to put all people south of the border into a category they can corral into a voting bloc. It’s easier to convince large blocs of people, as opposed to small groups, that Republicans hate them.

Prior to hyphenated Americans, we were one country. Race and nation of origin did not matter when it came to our designation. We were all Americans in a United States. Now we are African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans, Irish-Americans, German-Americans. It’s a bad practice that separates and divides.

Being just American doesn’t mean you abandon your race or national heritage. It means you have agreed to adopt the values of our nation, including our Constitution, our holidays, and our love of freedom.

The left has an obsession with categorizing people. It’s a bad idea.

Now we have white Latinos, black Latinos, another way to classify, stereotype people and stick them into a voting bloc.

The media wanted to turn Trayvon Martin’s killer into a white person so they called George Zimmerman into a white Hispanic. He’s not as white as Jorge.

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7 years ago

I watched the full interview last night, laughed through half of it and screamed through the other half. Only stupid useful idiots will believe Ramos’ lies. Couldn’t help but wonder how much $$$ George Soros is funneling into Jorge’s bank accounts.