White Supremacists and Anarcho-Communists Engage in Dangerous Violence in Berkeley


What happens when white supremacists and Antifa get into a fight?

As to be expected, unbridled violence ensues that the police stand around and watch for the most part. All of these people need to be arrested. This is not a good way to express political beliefs.

The white supremacist in the photo above, Damigo, is punching a female member of Antifa during a riot in Berkeley. He is NOT a conservative. He is a racist.

The white supremacist – an actual white supremacist – named Nathan Damigo runs a group called EVROPA that claims they “are a generation of awakened Europeans who have discovered that we are part of the great peoples.”

They call themselves alt-right and because they support Trump, they give Trump an undeserved bad name. They have nothing to do with Ann Coulter or Milo Yiannopoulos or any of the other people Antifa has prevented from speaking at Berkeley.

The 30-year old Damigo is a student at CSU Stanislaus.

The woman in the photo is known as Venus Morales, Emily Rose Marshall, Emily Rose Nauert and Rosealma.

According to a website called alt-right.com, she is a member of a group called FEMEN – female nude marchers. She models and has done some nude modeling for Modalanarchy. She has also reportedly done some porn on ATKHairy. We have not verified this.

Her Facebook likes include Marxist Internet Archive Users Discussion Group, Unique dreadbeads and Vegan Cyber Army, the Daily Caller reported.

Another video of the Berkeley fringe-group rumble shows Rosealma — her face covered with a bandana — tossing M-80 fireworks at far-right protesters, according to The Modesto Bee.

The punch from Damigo produced some bruising and a tiny scratch on Rosealma’s nose. She was, according to Snopes, carrying a bottle she was using as a weapon.

Snopes found a video, which you can see below, in which someone who appears to be Rosealma is interviewed starting at the 3:30 mark, and this appears to have happened shortly before the scuffle took place with Damigo. She is still wearing the red and black mask. The interview asks whether she condones the use of explosives, and she says, “The revolution isn’t f***in’ easy,” she says. “I mean I got kneed in the face, pepper-sprayed in the eye, and some guy tried hitting my head against a rock and he was wearing a f***ing Make America Great Again hat.”

The videographer speaking in the next clip is Tim Pool. He’s very reliable.

In this next video, Damigo is part of a Trump supporting group that ends up chasing Antifa down the street.


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