White Supremacists Rally in St. Louis, Face Off With Cop Hating BlackLives Matter



It was a regular hatefest in St. Louis on Saturday as the white supremacists – Nazi salutes and all – and Black Lives Matter whites sporting cop hating signs running counter demonstrations.

The white supremacist group called the Church of Jesus Christ Christian-Aryan Nation was protesting at the St. Louis Courthouse downtown for the release of Gary Yarbrough who is serving 60 years in federal prison for a racketeering and weapons case.

They had a heated argument with Black Lives Matter. who were largely protesting across the street.

There were about 20 White Supremacists against about 60 white agitators protesting on behalf of Black Lives Matter and cop haters.

When protesters yelled “Black lives matter!,” the Aryans emphatically shouted back, “No they don’t!”

Good grief!

nazi salute

Black Lives Matter

The BlackLivesMatter people portrayed themselves as just counter protesters, but notice the “Killer Cops KKK” sign.

Black Lives Matter2

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