Whites Need Not Apply for Government Jobs in Asheville North Carolina


Kimberlee Archie

Asheville North Carolina hired their first equity and inclusion manager, Kimberlee Archie, to root out so-called institutional racism by giving minorities the jobs. What they are really doing is not hiring whites, especially white men, in what some call reverse racism or just racism.

In her new position, Archie will work inside city departments and outside municipal government with nonprofits, the public and others to “establish the use of an equity lens in all city programs and policies,” city officials said. Her first focus will be on city hiring and human resources, purchasing, public engagement, sustainability, public safety and community and economic development, officials said, according to Citizen-Times.

They left nothing out. It will result in institutionalized anti-white racism.

African-Americans make up the city’s largest minority group and they want them to make up the same number in government – union – jobs, regardless of ability or merit. It will give blacks more supremacy and they will be loyal leftists.

What the city officials are doing is making the Asheville government conform to the concept of disparate impact, a Marxist ideal. Under that precept, only the end-result matters, not the cause or the process. Therefore, if there aren’t enough blacks in the jobs, they will hire them regardless of ability, talent, experience, and intelligence. It’s affirmative action on speed.

This woman, trained in social welfare, will make $80,000 a year to eliminate better-qualified whites. Total funding for the equity program is $136,000 this fiscal year, which started July 1.

In other words, they will spend $136,000 a year to lock whites out of jobs. Her social welfare degree from The Washington University includes courses that are clearly hard-left.

It’s no coincidence that the leftists are picking red states for this latest movement.

This city was a leading voice in the gender fluid bathroom movement.

We can thank Barack Obama and George Soros for this Marxist upheaval of our society. They call all whites ‘racists’ and plan to replace them with non-whites, many who will be illegal immigrants. The inherent racism of non-whites is ignored.



  1. This has gone on in the Federal Govt for years, The most Qualified does not get the job or promotion, they do a good job to hide things but they just do not want any problems.

    • They will still need a white person to do the job This is why the public sector is always over employed because after a person has been there long enough to figure what they can get away with they stop working. Knowing they can`t be fired check any government agency when you go in there`s all ways about half setting around doing nothing. Most government offices could be run by private sector at about one half the expense. Some cities are starting to hire private contractors to do much of their services an not have to worry about the elaborate retirement pensions an benefit packages which is all tax payers burden

  2. This has been happening at all levels of government for years. I had a black man and n my crew when I worked for the state. He would refuse to even get out of the truck if it was too hot and r cold. He called me every name of n the book. He kept his job even though I reported his actions several times. I had our eeoc person even tell me that this man couldn’t be fired. That is till he threatened to stab another coworker. This was 15 plus years ago.

  3. It is crap like this that creates racism because whites will hate the incompetent blacks and the Black Only hiring.

  4. The Federal Government should ‘ask’ the Governor of North Carolina to probe into Asheville’s hiring & promotional practices. Drain that swamp, too.

  5. Racism. Take it to federal court. This can not be allowed to stand due to inaction. It is illegal to do this.

  6. Another city being destroyed by liberal politics. Asheville will soon be a slum with increased unemployment and crime, an undereducated population and under performing schools despite a large investment in education, a money sucking government that is worthless to do anything productive and useful, and the fools and clowns in charge will run the city further into the ground while the more intelligent people take their businesses and flee the area like It’s radioactive. Logic and common sense played absolutely no part in the decisions and planning for this city. My deepest condolences to the residents of Asheville. Every single one of them, black, white and all others, just got screwed.

    • The real irony here is that the far left liberal artist community in Asheville relies on the “evil 1%ers” for all of their income. Ever walked in to any of those artist shops? Nobody in the middle could afford to waste money on that stuff.

  7. I agree with you, Jeanette406! This is more leftist garbage in order to cause strife among neighbor’s! The actions of city officials in hiring this person is despicable. And of course there are sadly those who will make this about all of our black neighbor’s (which is precisely what the city wants), when it is the modus operandi of the Marxists since the 1850s! Don’t fall for it folks! It’s not black vs white, as they want you to think! There’s a lot more of the white “useful idiots”/leftists than anyone else.

  8. When the PACE exam was eliminated in the 1980s to allow blacks to get federal jobs without having to demonstrate merit local governments took the clue. Today the Federal government requires a federal worker and a contracter to do the federal employee’s work. Its a bad joke. Today to get a fderal job is not a question of merit but of connections.

  9. Its this kind of liberal socialism that is ruining the country. Time to root out this menace and see that it doesn’t come back again. The days of “You owe us” is over. You get what you earn or you go without. The idea of giving jobs to people who aren’t qualified is just plain stupid and will not be accepted in America. This kind is government is doomed to fail, but they know that and don’t care. As long as they get out of it what they want they don’t care that it screws everyone else. Liberalism at its best.

  10. Discrimination based on race is against Federal Civil Rights Laws. Apparently these Black Supremacists-aka Democrats, haven’t read the law.

  11. We’ll the job they are suppose to do will never get done, because they don’t have enough since to get it done. May as well just shut the doors.

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