Whitewater counsel outlines what Republicans will do with impeachment in January


Professor Robert Ray, a former Whitewater independent counsel, appeared on ‘The Ingraham Angle’ last night with host Laura Ingraham and Rep. Andy Biggs. He answered the burning questions about what will happen next, in all likelihood.

Fortunately for us, we not only have a President who didn’t commit a crime, but the Democrats are also handling the entire affair stupidly.

One of the first questions Ms. Ingraham asked of Professor Ray was whether the withholding of the impeachment by Speaker Pelosi doesn’t expose the entire process as a fraud. Ray said it does show it to be partisan and counter to the Constitution which requires a bipartisan effort. Ray also said it was a waste of time because the votes are not there.

Finally, he said Nancy cannot dictate to the Senate.

Rep. Biggs said he doesn’t think the Founding Fathers could have predicted this level of abuse. Ingraham and Ray said Nancy Pelosi is abusing her powers and obstructing, which is what she is accusing President Trump of doing.

Ray believes Nancy will fold. He also thinks the Republicans will move ahead with the trial without the Democrats.

Ms. Ingraham asked if the impeachment could be expunged should the Republicans take back the House. Ray said ‘yes,’ it could be removed and expunged, along with any taint.


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