Who Controls Our Nation’s Race Riots And Why


Misguided Youth

There are signs that the riots in Baltimore, as with Ferguson, are orchestrated by alliances among disparate groups such as the Crips and the Bloods, the communists, and others.These groups can mobilize like a military force within short periods of time and show up in various states ready to camp out for protracted periods.

President Obama and his adviser Al Sharpton have a working relationship with these radicals.

While the crimes last night were largely committed by angry residents, professional agitators roamed through the crowds screaming, “classism”, “racism”, “white supremacy”, yelling at police, throwing rocks and bottles.

The weapons used to attack police were bricks, rocks, bottles and it’s not known where they came from but the supply was plentiful.

The emails and fliers that went to students encouraging them to “purge” came from some organized entity or entities that was tied to Ferguson. Much of Ferguson was funded by George Soros.

There are a number of suspects who could be involved in stirring up the youth in Baltimore.

We’re not supposed to mention communists these days, but they still exist and they went to Baltimore as they did to Ferguson where they provided many of the signs people carried.

Also present are the anti-white, anti-Jewish, anti-American cultist Louis Farrakhan of The Nation of Islam who was thanked by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake for their efforts in trying to keep the peace. They didn’t come to keep the peace. They came to start Farrakhan’s much-touted race war.

Far-left Salon lauds Farrakhan as a rising power in the new civil rights movement which is hardly a civil rights movement.

Then there is The New Black Panthers Party who were clearly visible and became one of the first “splinter groups” to engage in violence in Baltimore on Saturday, slamming garbage cans into store windows, smashing the windows on three police cars, and fighting with baseball fans coming out of the stadium.

Malik Shabazz, according to the AP was the leader of the “splinter group” though they seemed afraid to call it by its name – the New Black Panther Party.

Not to be left out are the gangs.

Bloods and Crips allied in Baltimore as they did in Ferguson.  On Saturday, members of both groups joined protests throughout Baltimore, marching side by side against police brutality.

The Baltimore police announced a credible threat of attacks on police by an alliance of The Crips, Bloods, and Black Guerrilla Family. These gangs are saying the cops made the threat up to make them look bad. Remarkably, Baltimore City Council president Jack Young has taken their word over the police.

Occupy Wall Street, MoveOn and other groups are also present in Baltimore. The Occupiers are usually white and they can be picked out from their bongo drums and monotonous chants.

Even The Ayatollah weighed in.

George Soros’ Open Society said this in a statement:

We do not know what the investigative reports will reveal. We do know that Mr. Gray, like tens of thousands of African Americans in Baltimore, belonged to a community reeling from Baltimore’s failed policing strategy, where young black men report being regularly and unfairly profiled and harassed by the police.

The Center for American Progress, funded by George Soros, and run by former Obama advisor and current aide to Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, posted an article demanding nationalization of the police throughout the nation.

The DOJ should take a more active approach in setting expectations for police conduct nationwide and ensure compliance with those standards by conditioning participation in federal task forces on the adoption of certain standards, policies, and training and through penalties in federal funding. The Brennan Center recently released a report offering an innovative new approach for rethinking federal funding for law enforcement called “Success-Oriented Funding” that would better connect provision of federal funding with achievement of clearly-established goals. The federal government has an obligation to ensure that police officers in communities around the country are not violating the civil rights of the people they are charged to serve and protect and should be more proactive in ensuring that police agencies are properly training and supervising their officers before individual misconduct rises to the level of systemic violations of civil rights.

Funding is their path to nationalizing police.

It’s difficult to know if there is a cabal in place but there certainly is a movement to create a faux civil rights movement which will be used to fundamentally transform our law enforcement and justice department as part of a larger centralization plan for the nation.

It’s also served as a great diversion from Hillary Clinton’s corruption and the dangerous Iran nuke deal. As bad as it is in of itself, it serves as the shiny object.

It’s time to worry.

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