Who Will Stand Up for 97-Year Old Veteran Rupert Anderson Murdered by an Ethiopian Refugee


Rupert Anderson

The few mainstream news accounts of this brutal 2014 murder of a 97-year old veteran and the beating of his wife show sympathy for the murderer. He is portrayed as a “good kid” and his crimes “mystified” even him.

According to police 20-year old Ngor Makuey broke into the home of the elderly couple assaulting both Harriet Anderson, 94, and her husband, Rupert, beating him with a metal spatula he brought with him specifically for this crime. Robbery was ruled out as a motive.

Ngor Makuey

In December, a judge found Ngor Makuey, 20, guilty of first-degree murder.

Makuey broke into the home of Rupert and Harriet Anderson and attacked the couple, killing Rupert with a metal spatula.

Harriet was able to call 911 after the bloody attack; “Somebody got into the house and attacked me and my husband and I’m all bloody, and I’m an old woman. And I’m on the floor and my husband’s been hit in the head.”

Paramedics took Rupert to the hospital where he died. He was born in Ankeny and served in the U.S. Navy. Harriet was also taken to the hospital and was seriously injured. She survived but died eight months later in March 2015.

Police captured and booked Ngor Makuey, in connection with the homicide. He was born in Ethiopia and isn’t a citizen.

Police initially found Ngor Peter Makuey standing “calmly” outside the door. His complete lack of emotion and casual presence outside the crime scene was so extraordinary that police assumed he was a family member and only later realized he was a suspect.

Makuey fled and was eventually found at a “housing complex,” with his mother holding the bloody sweatshirt he had just been wearing.

The metal spatula Makuey used was his. He brought it with him to commit the crime.

Read the Des Moines Register take on it:

When Ngor Peter Makuey’s family visited him in jail Sunday, the quiet young man seemed mystified about what led to his arrest for a vicious, deadly crime.

“He just kept saying, ‘I don’t know what happened,’ ” recalled his stepfather, Jinub Reath.

Makuey is charged with murder and attempted murder for an attack last week on an elderly couple who lived across the street from his family’s townhouse in northeast Des Moines. Police haven’t determined any motive for the beating death of Rupert Anderson, 97, and the severe injuries to Harriet Anderson, 94.

Reath expressed bewilderment in an exclusive interview with the Des Moines Register Tuesday in his family’s neatly kept kitchen. He said his stepson didn’t know the Andersons or many other people in their neighborhood, where they moved in 2012.

Reath said Makuey was a peaceful youth who was kind to his five younger sisters and hoped to go to college to become an artist or a computer technician. He planned to start his senior year this fall at Southeast Polk High School, and he displayed few of the anxieties or mood swings that sometimes plague teens.

“He’s very quiet. He doesn’t talk a lot,” his stepfather said. “All we ever saw was a smile on his face.”

The Des Moines Register wants you to believe the real victim are the Sudanese refugees.

Quiet young man? Good boy? He’s mystified about what happened? Are you kidding me? The media always portrays criminals this way and they are worse when it comes to refugees and illegal aliens. Where is the sympathy for Mr. and Mrs. Anderson?

Robbery was ruled out as a motive. Why would this monster brutally beat two elderly white people?

The Des Moines area has an estimated 3,000 Sudanese refugees.

Vdare believes the motive was racism:

In 2010, scores of blacks assaulted whites at the Iowa State Fair and a police officer filed a report saying that black rioters had announced it was “Beat Whitey Night.” Chief Bradshaw leapt into action—not to punish crimes, but to demote and reassign the police spokesperson who mentioned race as a possible factor. [Iowa Officer Disciplined for Quoting Report, By “Wyatte Earp, Supportyourlocalgunfighter.com, September 3, 2010]

(Interestingly, you now can only find this article from—fortunately numerous—secondary sources, as the Register seems to have deleted it from its archives).

Not surprising there’s clinical language from Des Moines police spokesthings in this case.

Makuey’s attorney used the insanity defense during the trial, but witnesses say they saw no signs of mental illness.

Makuey received a sentence of life in prison plus two years sentence for Count 2 as well as ordered to pay a restitution of $150,000. Count 2 is assault with intent to commit serious injury.

Counts 3 and 4 will run concurrently with Count 1. Count 3 was first-degree robbery and Count 4 was first-degree burglary.

Judge Jeffrey Farrell said Count 2 is to run consecutively to respect that there was a second victim in this case.

But who will care about Rupert Anderson?

World War II veteran Rupert “Andy” Anderson is just another murdered old white guy.

Vdare postulates that the anti-white language from the MSM, universities, the entertainment industry and the government bureaucrats depict a heterosexual church-going older white man as a hate figure and these are the consequences.

Anderson was a veteran, a business owner, an animal lover, and a married man who leaves behind a grieving family who remember him as gentle and compassionate.  He had a great sense of humor by all accounts and was nearing his 98th birthday. Hundreds attended his funeral.

There will be no activist organizations seeking justice, no celebrity tributes, no made-for-television movies, no legislation named after him, and no clergy telling us we should never forget this supposedly “random” crime—as apparently unpredictable and mysterious as being struck by lightning, Vdare writes.

Vdare believes we should stop taking in refugees from violent, dysfunctional nations.

Rupert Anderson might have died because of racism, it was a black on white crime, but Makuey isn’t talking or owning up to what he’s done.

Whatever the reason, who will mourn for Rupert Anderson in the media? Pretty much no one. It doesn’t fit the narrative.


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