Who Won the Kentucky Derby?


In the 145 year history of the Kentucky Derby, there has never been an action like the one taken on Saturday. It’s the first disqualification in the Derby. The track was very muddy — a difficult track for a lot of horses.

The winner, Maximum Security, won by a length and had the win taken away by the second place finisher, a 65-1 horse, Country House after the jockey filed a complaint.

Maximum security did veer into the other horse’s lane and negligibly affected County House’s momentum, but did impact the race for two other horses.

Maximum Security blocked another horse, War of Will, who was making a move on him. Maximum Security also got in the way of Long Range Toddy. It appears Maximum Security was in violation of the rule.

Does intent matter? It is hard to control a horse on a track like the one at the Derby.


The objection against the first winner, Maximum Security, came from the jockey of Country House, not the stewards who eventually found against Maximum Security. They only took 20 minutes to make this dramatic decision, one that might affect future races.

The problem for a lot of people is the track was muddy and horses make contact all the time.

Maximum Security was put into the last place — 17th. The owner will appeal.

Code of Honor finished second and Tacitus finished third after the stewards made the call.

The President saw it as a politically correct decision.

Were the stewards simply exercising power?  Were they too stringent? Maximum Security won by a length. It really didn’t seem close as far as Country House was concerned. Perhaps it ruined a real opportunity for War of Will. For many, it put a real damper on the race no matter the side people come down on.

What do you think?


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Jan Williams
Jan Williams
4 years ago

Rules are rules. They are put in place for reasons. Somewhere in all this there are lessons to be learned that reflect to everyday experiences. Whether in political, in governance, in rule of law, or in our socialization with each other, the lessons are there.
The rules can be decided in either direction sometimes when it comes to human discretion. Live through it.