WHOA! Melania Ad Creator Goes on Twitter Rant



The Cruz-Trump twitter fight which was began with a Super PAC “Make America Awesome” unrelated to Ted Cruz has mushroomed into several angry responses by the operator of the Super PAC, Liz Mair.

Trump supporters continue to insist Mair is in on it with Cruz but she’s been trolling Trump for months and not supporting anyone. Several Fox News reporters erroneously reported the PAC was a pro-Cruz PAC which didn’t help.

Mair is an RNC online strategist by all accounts.

The twitter fight began when Trump decided Cruz was behind the Super PAC when it put out a semi-nude photo of Melania in Utah as part of a don’t vote for Trump campaign. The PAC is not a pro-Cruz PAC, they’re simply anti-Trump.

No matter how often he’s been told Cruz is not behind it, Trump blames Cruz. The fight seems to be increasing Trump support and hurting Cruz’s though both would be hurt in a general election when these tweets are run by Democrats day and night.
trump blames cruz but it's a lie

However, Ms. Mair who did not continue the ad beyond the Utah election, is receiving death threats and would like Trump to tell his supporters to stop.

This is her stream of tweets which might not end today. Her tirade has brought out more angry Trump supporters wishing for her demise.






The Trump tweet about Heidi Cruz has angered women – that’s just a fact. Polls indicate he already has a serious gap among women.

The background story:

Trump Retweets Photo Mocking Mrs. Cruz


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