Whoa! Mueller Grand Jury Witness Says It Is a Witch Hunt


In case you can’t believe the Mueller probe is a witch hunt, despite all the evidence, read an article penned by a grand jury witness for Newsmax. It is a must-read. The author Ronn Torossian is one of America’s foremost PR experts.

Mr. Torossian was called to testify last December about meetings concerning Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. They took place in 2012. He had vague recollections of the two men asking him to work for the Ukrainian government without reporting it as he must by law. They implied they’d pay him offshore.

He did his duty and testified before a grand jury “immediately” about what he remembered, as he was asked to do. He also gave up some emails.

For hours and hours, he repeated the same thing over and over again. Questions evolved around Russians he never heard of. They asked about his work for Eric Trump’s Foundation, his work for Russian oligarchs, and his acquaintance with Roger Stone.

While Manafort and Gates were unsurprisingly indicted, nothing connected this matter to Trump, Mr. Torossian said.

He wrote:

This investigation feels like a witch-hunt, even more so after reading yesterday’s CNN news report that, “Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators have questioned Russian oligarchs traveling in the U.S. about whether they donated to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. One oligarch was questioned and his electronic devices searched when his private jet landed in the U.S., and a second Russian oligarch was also questioned during a recent trip to the U.S. An informal interview request has been made to a third oligarch who has not recently been to the U.S.”

The Dangerous, Slippery Slope

Certainly, foreign money in the USA impacting elections must be uncovered. But why are they questioning “the most powerful people of a vaunted foreign foe as they enter this country?”

What if the Russians stop Americans and start questioning them?

He calls it “a dangerous, slippery slope — and one which has nothing to do with the mission of the Special Counsel investigation, which is supposedly to explore links or coordination between Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Russian government.”

As he said, it’s cost tens of millions of dollars for this probe and all they have so far is the Dutch attorney anyone could have nabbed.

He continued: “Yesterday, media reported that my client Felix Sater was questioned about “Russian election meddling.” Sater — a real estate entrepreneur and former partner of Donald Trump — sent an email in 2016 to his childhood friend, Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, about his desire to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. The deal went nowhere — and Sater, now having spent who knows how much in legal fees is being dragged repeatedly to Washington, D.C., to speak about his desire to build a building. What in the world does this have to do with Russians meddling in the election? Sater — a former high-level U.S. Government intelligence asset who provided vital security to the government for years — came to the United States at the age of 8, is an American citizen, American educated — and while he is in fact well connected, he’s about as connected to meddling in the election as I am to life on Mars.”

Finally, he calls for an end to the witch hunt. “Enough is Enough”.

Read the article at Newsmax.

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