Whomp Whomp! Elizabeth Warren Picks a Fight with Trey Gowdy, Bad Move


For some strange reason, kooky Socialist, faux Capitalist, Elizabeth Warren picked a fight with Trey Gowdy who is no longer in Congress. She accused him of retiring to get a “fat lobbyist paycheck” and then added, “that should be illegal.”

The woman is a nut, obsessed with attacks on the opposition but armed with few facts. Trey Gowdy is going back to his old law firm to serve as a defense attorney. Too bad she knows nothing and makes no effort to correct that.

Gowdy responded: “Perhaps you were cracking open a beer when that was announced,” he said. He was referencing her failed ‘down-to-earth’ phony live stream during which she asked her husband to get her a beer.

We would like to add she might have smoked something. That will be the next video. She’ll smoke a bong live to show what a woke, youthful person she is. Maybe she’ll go for the firewater.

In case you haven’t heard, she hired Barack Obama’s high-powered digital campaign strategist Joe Rospars. Crazy Horse is going for it. She wants to be President and destroy the economy with her far-left hatred of capitalism and her profound love of high taxes.



  1. Why? Are people so stupid that they are not happy with an opponent leaving but that they have to shoot them in the back on their way out?

  2. If Warren of the Scam a Lot tribe were to run it would assure a landslide for ANY opponent. Except for deranged Calif voters she would be hard pressed to win any other State. The campaign would expose her many lies, her fake claims to Native American heritage to get to the front of the line for a Harvard professorship. The first public law school graduate ever to be hired at Harvard Law. Sure was a bit of fake affirmative action in that appointment. Graduated Law School in 1976 and began teaching at same Law School upon graduation. NEVER actually practiced law. Just goes on and on with her “special” treatment.

    First marriage a bust? Lot of fodder for opponents researchers. Might use Chris Steel to produce another dossier about her “Big Bank connections” when she was flipping houses back in the day.

  3. Little Indian girl (Warren) ask her father how Indian babies get their name. Father explains that when an Indian baby is born, the mother looks out of the tepee and names the baby after the first thing she sees. If the baby is a boy and she sees a deer running through the forest she may name the baby boy “Running Deer”, if the baby is a girl and she sees a dove flying by she may name the baby girl “Morning Dove”. Why do you ask “Donkeys Ass?”

    I once rode in a friend’s Jeep Cherokee. That makes me more Native American Indian than Liawatha is.

    • Her new car is a white Cherokee.

      Someone tried to kill her. They sent her a smallpox infected blanket.

      Heap big news about her candidacy.

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