Who’s Julie Swetnick? 60 of Kavanaugh’s Former Classmates Would Like to Know


Julie Swetnick is the last throes of the Democrat effort to derail the Kavanaugh confirmation. George Soros has spent at least $5 million on the Stop Kavanaugh movement. He has contributed to the stop Kavanaugh organization, Demand Justice, co-founded by Brian Fallon, Hillary Clinton’s former aide, and Sen. Feinstein’s former aide, Paige Herwig.

Her accusation is preposterous on the face of it.

Swetnick doesn’t accuse Brett Kavanaugh of doing anything to harm her. She is accusing Kavanaugh or drugging high school girls to set them up for gang rapes.

Even though these rapes were going on, she went to at least ten of these parties.

The age difference between Kavanaugh and Swetnick is interesting, as John Hinderaker notes at the Powerlineblog. He writes: Swetnick graduated from high school in 1980, Kavanaugh in 1983. She had to place her purported gang rape in “approximately 1982” in order to coincide with Kavanaugh’s high school years. If she had placed it when she herself was in high school, Kavanaugh would have been around 14 years old. So she claims to have been a college student attending high school parties.

We should mention that there is a new complaint from some anonymous person. Certainly, the Senate has to take that seriously too.

According to NBC News, an ‘anonymous complaint sent to Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado [alleged] Kavanaugh physically assaulted a woman he socialized with in the Washington, D.C., area in 1998 while he was inebriated.’


Ms. Julie Swetnick, 55, is an IT professional, and she is the third accuser in the Brett Kavanaugh case. How she ended up with porn lawyer Michael Avenatti is unclear.

Swetnick claims to have a security clearance with the IRS despite having recently had a $40,000 judgement against her for unpaid taxes. She settled a $40,303 IRS judgement on March 23 of this year, according to a public records search. Maryland court records show a $62,821 tax lien filed against her on Oct. 2, 2015.

Swetnick has also been involved in civil cases in Maryland and Oregon.

Daily Caller reported that in November 2000, she was sued by Webtrends, a web company in Portland that Swetnick worked for from December 1999 through August 2000. The lawsuit was initiated right after she left the company. A resume posted online shows that she did work for Webtrends before the lawsuit. It is probably her.

Concerning the same lawsuit, Heavy reports that a search of the Oregon Judicial Department’s online records reveals that Webtrends Corporation filed a lawsuit against a woman named Julie Swetnick in 2000. It was a civil defamation and fraud suit, according to court records.

Judge James R. Ellis ultimately dismissed the case with prejudice.

Here’s a screenshot of the search results.

Ms. Swetnick filed a personal injury lawsuit against the Washington, D.C. Metro in September 1994. The outcome of that case is also unclear.f


Judge Kavanaugh said he doesn’t even know who she is and 60 of his former classmates want to know who the hell she is too

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Chuck Black
Chuck Black
4 years ago

I would say, judging from the financial problems this woman got herself into, that she would do anything and say anything to have her money problems just Go Away ! She’s just another Bad Liar whose statements can be dissolved by the river of truth! The Democrat/Communists would have us all believe that the Moon is made of green Cheese ! She has a very bad legal problem background and that is a documented FACT ! Julie Swetnick is starting to perspire with the hot lights shining on her Lies! Totally embarrassing to the Bold Liar infested Democrat/Communist Party !
CBlack. Forest City, NC

M Reyes
M Reyes
4 years ago

This woman was in college and went to high school parties where she states she witnessed 10 gang raoes? And as the only, albeit young adult in the alleged party she did not call the cops? She stood there partying while girls were raped? She did that repeatedly? What kind of person could do that?

We don’t know if Kavanaugh knew anything only that she thinks he did. But this monster actually says she knew and was there while a line of boys raped her schoolmates. Something does not add up here.

4 years ago
Reply to  M Reyes

Not raped her schoolmates as she was in college. So she keeps going to high school parties where girls are raped for a year after finding this out? If she was involved in anyway doesn’t that make her the stautory rapist?

4 years ago

It sounds like the latest from NBC is an anonymous person who heard if from a relative of another.

herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Phony charge by a person who is probably lying or was involved in the gang raping herself., not just a participant.