Who’s “Marginally Connected”? George Will Says It’s Trump Supporters



George Will, a conservative writer, said that Trump’s followers are “marginally connected” to politics, but it might be the establishment that is a bit disconnected.

The GOP is asea. A large portion of their base is very angry with them. The GOP doesn’t seem to understand who their base is and they can’t win elections without them.

The GOP must do what they were sent to Washington to do to turn around the support for Donald Trump.

When candidates give speeches, they must start speaking about real issues. Instead of praising an unpopular senate immigration bill, for example, they need to give details about how they will close the border and end sanctuary cities.

They need to tell us how they will replace Obamacare and reverse the unconstitutional mandates and damage inflicted on the United States by Barack Obama and our own congressional leaders. They must make us believe it. The Iran deal was facilitated by actions taken by our own Senate Republicans.

Trump’s popularity is in part a revulsion to political correctness. He is definitely not PC but people don’t want him attacked unfairly because of it.

People have had it with the media, the political class, and the mess of a country that used to be a Republic. Does anyone really believe we live in a Republic right now?

NBC conducted a scientific poll that showed that Trump was in the lead and Cruz and Carson are surging. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.

These are people who are not going along with the establishment. They don’t want Jeb Bush shoved down their throats.

Public Policy Polling, another leftist organization, came out with a new poll Monday.  For what it’s worth, it has Trump in the lead in Iowa at 19%. Carson and Fiorina are surging according to them. Cruz is up but not as much as the NBC poll. Trump is at 19% to 12% for Ben Carson and Scott Walker, 11% for Jeb Bush, 10% for Carly Fiorina, 9% for Ted Cruz, and 6% for Mike Huckabee and Marco Rubio.

Take it for what it’s worth.

The GOP has to address the 20% to 30% of the Trump voters who are people angry with the lack of action by the GOP.  Laura Ingraham pointed that out on Fox News Sunday.

Trump is saying some things that people really like hearing and he is not part of the establishment.

The more the GOP tries to take out Trump, the more people become entrenched in supporting him. Even Megyn Kelly couldn’t take him down.

Judge Andrew Napolitano was filling in for Geraldo on the radio Monday morning and said he expected to hear an outpouring of Megyn Kelly supporters angry with Trump but, in fact, he said he heard the opposite.

George Will thinks the people attracted to Donald Trump are “marginally connected” to politics and in it for the “entertainment value.” George thinks it’s absurd to think Trump has tapped into something.

Will is entitled to his opinion but I think George has been living in the Gateway too long.

What he is trying to do is disassociate the Republicans and Tea Party members from the alleged “crazies” because this is hurting the establishment.

Laura Ingraham said that Jeb Bush won the debate but listen to why she said he won. She’s probably right.

Erick Erickson is the conservative manager of the Red State publication, he is a Fox contributor and fill-in for Rush Limbaugh.

He disinvited Trump from the Red State gathering over Trump’s comment about blood coming out of Megyn Kelly’s eyes which was apparently misinterpreted.

Now Erickson is being embarrassed for his own comments. He is accused of lying about why he did not invite Dr. Ben Carson. He said “he’d seen him appear at charity benefits and talk about himself“ at the Red State gathering when he was asked where Carson was.

“I was at two different events for military non-profits in the last year,” Erickson began. “They were non-profits that had asked Dr. Carson to speak about military veterans and the work he did with the disabled and both times he spent the entire time talking about himself and his battle with the president and it just struck me wrong. And when we were putting together a list of RedState speakers we had a limited selection and I chose not to put Dr. Carson on the list unless the other spots didn’t fill up. The other spots filled up so I didn’t ask him. I was impressed with his debate performance the other night and his closing statement but I just, it left a bad taste in my mouth. Here’s someone that’s supposed to speak on disabled veterans, [speaking] on himself so that’s why I didn’t do it.”

To give you an idea of how out of touch Erickson is, when he took to the stage, he introduced Jeb Bush as “the most conservative governor.” He also said about Jeb, “I love this guy.”

Dr. Carson’s long-time business manager and friend told Breitbart News that Erick Erickson lied about his reasoning for not inviting Carson.

Armstrong Williams, Dr. Carson’s longtime business manager, and confidant said:

“This is an outrage. When I heard what Erick Erickson said about his justification for not inviting Dr. Carson, I immediately thought it was a smear and outright lie. I dare Erick Erickson to show transcripts where Dr. Ben Carson appears in front of two groups of veterans and speaks solely about himself and President Obama. On the occasions when Dr. Carson uses stories from his personal narrative, it is to illustrate how one can overcome difficult situations. Dr. Carson took time away from his busy campaign schedule in the state of Iowa to emphatically communicate his grave disappointment with Erickson and was perplexed to understand his true hidden agenda. Dr. Carson holds our troops and veterans in the highest esteem, and would never give a speech to a group of them without specifically addressing their concerns.”

“What’s more, you would think that the RedState audience would want to hear from someone like Dr. Carson because he has taken on President Obama directly while some of his opponents in the Republican primary have been on the sidelines for the past eight years,” Williams added. “I don’t know what Erickson’s motivations are–but there is something here far deeper than he didn’t like what he heard at two speeches.”

I don’t have the transcripts of those speeches, but Carson uses his powerful story to promote his candidacy since he does not have political experience.

Even if it were true, it sounds petty and unnecessary to not invite one candidate. Puma by Design reported that Red State shut down comment threads that have largely gone against them.

I’m not ready to throw Fox News under the bus – yet. However, the Murdoch sons are taking over and they are reportedly left-wing people.

Fox News certainly made debating interesting and felt they were giving the candidates an opportunity to address criticisms against them. Megyn Kelly was undoubtedly chosen to address some seemingly anti-woman comments made by Donald Trump because she is a woman and a popular, intelligent, beautiful one at that.

It ended up turning off many regular viewers but winning accolades from the media – our enemy – and many GOPers.

The moderators did appear to be attacking Trump and trying to “take him down”. It seemed unfair. Their questions followed an article in Politico that said they would “take him down”. Megyn Kelly announced the day before that she was ready for him and would manage him – no one else, just him.

Trump claimed that candidates came up to him afterward and said what they did to him was “unfair.”

Fox might have underestimated the anger towards the media, in general, can easily extend to them.

If Fox had not appeared to be attacking Trump, the debate would have been received more positively, no doubt about it.

Do you think Trump was treated unfairly and are his responses over the top? Tell us what you think.

We have a country on the verge of becoming a radical socialist state and we need everyone to stop attacking Trump so we can look at the issues.

Megyn Kelly, for her part, handled the Trump comments.

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