Why are Americans voting for Oppression?



Why is there such an attraction to vote for Bernie Sanders, an acclaimed socialist, who promises “everything” is going to be free? His platform is simply this “Free health care, free college, free – free – free, vote for me and everything is going to be “free”!!!

Are people that “naive” to believe that things are “actually free”? Have you ever heard the old saying that “There is not such as a free lunch’? What appears to be free, is actually a cost to the person or to society as a whole, although that may be a hidden cost or an externality.

Sanders plan to pay for “all this free stuff” is to tax people up to 90% of their income!

Do his supporters really think this is a good idea or are they really that economically stupid? Let me put it in terms that the mathematically challenged can understand. You earn $1.00, I take 90 cents and leave you with a dime so that I can give the rest of YOUR money to someone who hasn’t earned it. Does this sound fair? But hey, “don’t worry” because Bernie claims that “he will only tax the rich”.

Let’s ask the next question, what will happen to all these “free” programs when the rich run out of money? Bernie will be coming after everyone to continue to pay for all his “giveaways”. Socialism is a proven failed system! The Government will be in power and the people will be powerless. In case you have forgotten, America was founded on freedom, capitalism and a society that was ruled by We, the People, and not tyranny.

How is Bernie’s Plan ‘oppression” you may ask? When the government dictates how much money you are allowed to keep, gives your money to support entitlement programs and leaves the people with no means to prosper, that folks, is the definition of “Socialism”. Quite the opposite of Capitalism! Capitalism encourages people to be successful whereas, socialism encourages the Government to have all the money.

On the other hand, you can elect Hillary Clinton who leaves behind a legacy of lies, deceits and a trail of dead bodies. Remember “White Watergate, Benghazi and Top Secret Emails”? Who can trust someone who blames a video for the death of our Ambassador and then, when the truth is exposed, responds by saying “what difference does it make at this point”? She is a cold-hearted, conniving shrew! She also believes in “more taxes” so that others can “have free stuff”.

The Democrats support more taxes and bigger government. Neither one is in the best interest of what America is all about which is the land of opportunity. How many people are swimming to Cuba to flee America?

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died defending Freedom so that others could live free. Remember when we used to kill communists and fight to liberate oppressed people? Now Americans are actually voting into office and enslaving ourselves to Big Daddy Government. One who will care for us from cradle-to-grave. This is an absolute disgrace to our Founding Principles!

Where is the spirit of 1776? Have we forgotten why we dumped Tea in the Boston Harbor? Now we actually vote for the type of Government we fled and jump for joy when we hear we are going to be taxed some more! Are people really that stupid?

Sadly, I believe all they see are dollar signs in front of their eyes and not the American Flag flapping freely in the breeze.

Lastly, the Democrats were the party that booed God not once but 3 times at their last

So I leave you with this one last question, is America ready for a God-less, taxed-to-death, oppressed Country or is the Spirit of 1776 still alive inside of us? I guess come November 8th, 2016, we shall see if America is still The Land of the Free or the Land of the Freebie, where “everything is free” except We, the People.



  1. A generation of stupid people, “very stupid people.” They covet that which they have no right to even if it means fleecing the pockets of those closest to them, i.e., those who have supported them their whole lives.

    • The three presidents before set that up because of the depression and then there was the war. Eisenhower didn’t change it but no one paid it either. When Kennedy lowered it, American starting succeeding. And yes, Bernie thinks taxing up to 90% is okay by his own words JON.

  2. It’s crazy the people would vote for candidates that will Raise Your Taxes. We will let America die because the next MEMEME Generation never had to work for anything and they don’t know the value of Freedom.

  3. It isn’t raising everyone’s taxes. The tax raises are to come from tax caps, when you make (for example) 100 you can only be taxed 30, but if you make 150 there is a tax cap so you only get taxed 30, same if you make 1,000 etc, he proposes to raise this cap depending on level of income, so if your a millionaire he wants to raise your tax cap and if your a billionaire he wants to raise your tax cap accordingly. So no nothing is free, but besides those things the other issue with our government is what he wants to change are the lobbyists and privately funded politicians, those special interests groups paying to get their way. Politicians are supposed to represent the people, not the corporations that fund their campaigns, and we need to let go of the labels we see through out the media of socialist and capitalist and find a better way.

    • Interesting, but what you are describing is a flat tax and that is not at all what Bernie Sanders is advocating… I think you must have thought everyone was discussing the conservative candidates, not the socialist one…

  4. Socialism reduces people to the lowest common denominator. Like the tyranny of communism, socialism establishes slavery to the State, rather than freedom of self-determination with the government protecting that freedom. Anyone who supports this economic theory of socialism should read any objective news report about Venezuela.

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