Why “Comedian” Colbert Is Offering Political Commentary on Bill O’Reilly


Why is Colbert trashing Bill O’Reilly? Is he a [dull] comedian or a [boring] political commentator?

Colbert produced unproven claims that O’Reilly has disputed. Colbert, a so-called comedian, wants to equate O’Reilly with Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused by 58 women of being molested, and get the heat off Hollywood and on to the right.

As far as Colbert’s facts are concerned, it’s not accurate that there were six settlements, there were three. Also, O’Reilly suggested the last settlement was not $32 million but he said he can’t discuss the amount as part of the settlement agreement. He claims he settled to spare his children. We can’t say if he is being truthful or not and neither can Colbert.

Colbert mocked O’Reilly for saying gay pornography emails sent to him were forwarded to Lis Wiehl, a Democrat, as his sometime lawyer. who was recently fired by Fox.

I’ve received pornographic emails at this website — it’s what the opponents do and not at all unbelievable.

Colbert’s role is to trash the right and any shining of the light on the goals of the leftists. Is this really about O’Reilly or about anyone on Fox or speaking for the right?

If O’Reilly did harass women, that’s beyond awful but O’Reilly is correct when he says the left wants him off he air. The war on Fox is continuing. The hyenas just got a top Fox lawyer Dianne Brandi to take voluntary leave and the campaign by Media Matters against Fox hosts continues unabated. The anonymous hotline never had a complaint against O’Reilly in 20 years.

This latest rehashing of the report by the NY Times earlier this year with the explosive news of a $32 million payoff came the day after O’Reilly said he no longer trusts James Comey and after he has spent considerable time on his podcast explaining the ultimate goals of the hard-left now in control of the Democrat Party. He’s certainly not Harvey Weinstein as Colbert suggests.

Listen to him explain what the culture war is all about. If you haven’t read one of his best sellers, Culture Warrior, you might want to consider it. One of Bill’s favorite commentators is Dennis Miller who scolded Bill for not telling the truth about the left when he had the megaphone. O’Reilly is now telling the truth and is up against George Soros and many leftist groups.

This is what he said on ‘Hannity’ about the left’s end game which comes in at 07:24.


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