Why Is MSM Pushing Hardcore Leftist Kamala Harris, the Female Obama?


Michael Bloomberg claims  California Sen. Kamala Harris’ plan to abolish private health insurance in favor of ‘Medicare for all’ would bankrupt the country. He’s correct.

Even Bernie Sanders admitted that years ago. Currently, he just lies. They couldn’t even afford to put it in place in Vermont, his home state.

It’s a way to get votes, but if these Socialists/Communists/Progressives do what they say they are going to do, it will bankrupt the country, and we believe they will do it. The insurance companies will be gone and there will be no place to turn.

Even if Horizontal Harris, also known as the ‘female Obama’, doesn’t bring her numbers up enough to become the presidential nominee, she would be strongly considered for the vice presidency. She could bring in the hard-left voters.

The latest Politico/Morning Consult poll, conducted Jan. 25-27, showed she is moving up in the polls to 10 percent, just behind Joe Biden and Communist Bernie Sanders.

The media is pushing her, even though her policies on every issue are communistic or socialistic. Kamala doesn’t want insurance companies, guns, and borders, but she does want our wealth. She plans to donate other peoples’ money to ‘free’ housing, free college and her cash giveaway program known as the universal income.

Democrat Sherrod Brown and other Democrats once thought to be mainstream, support her plan for Communist healthcare.

CNN, the fake news network, is boasting of how the viewership was up because of her. Her much-heralded town hall event averaged 1.957 million views total, a notable 75 percent increase from CNN’s past four town halls. The network did not air the press secretary’s briefing.


After some mocking and denigrating of the President, Seth Meyers asked Nicolle Wallace if the President wasn’t the person most distracted by 2020, not the media.

Nicolle Wallace responded: “Of course. And he won’t even be the substantive attacks on his — sort of the cruelty and vapidness of his policy and his tweets. It will be the person with the biggest crowds. So Kamala should be the person that Democrats are most excited about. She has the thing that scares him the most, the biggest crowd.”

All the late-night ‘comics’ are promoting this hardcore leftist.

Rush Limbaugh’s warning

Earlier Monday, Rush Limbaugh warned that Harris could be incredibly “dangerous” given both her radical ideas and the identity boxes she checks.

“Hillary Clinton looked like a rank amateur old maid compared to Kamala Harris … I’m just telling you, she could be very dangerous. She punches a lot of buttons for the left. She checks off a lot of boxes: Female, African-American, identity politics extraordinaire,” he said.

The manufactured crowds

People need to be cautious too about these so-called crowds of enthusiastic people she is attracting. The left manufactures a lot of this. One email to MoveOn can get their thousands of people to show up at a rally.

In Harris’s first run, she attracted about 75 people on her own. Even then the media pretended she was a big draw. She is currently being propped up by the hard-left.

The woman who slept her way to the top is willing to be as far left as it takes to win. The hard-left must have at least one leftist on the 2020 ticket or those votes will be lost as they were in the last presidential election.

The answer to the question we asked

So what is the answer to the question of why is the media pushing Kamala Harris? It’s simple. The media wants her on the 2020 presidential ticket if she is the one who can help defeat President Trump by bringing in the hard-left Democratic voters who often stay home. If she doesn’t make it, they will promote someone else like the fake Hispanic Beto.

You can be certain of one thing, there will be one seemingly moderate Democrat paired with a Progressive/Socialist/Communist on the presidential ticket.

Make no mistake, the Progressives, Socialists, and Communists are basically the same people. Don’t be fooled by labels.

Read about the Democratic Socialists ON THIS LINK.



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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Great analysis of a ‘Joseph Goebbels’ type Socialist, also read ‘An abundance of Arrogance’ at American Thinker, by Anna L. Stark.