Why Is There A Growing Epidemic In Mexican Brown Heroin?


sheriff babeu

Why is there a growing epidemic of Mexican brown heroin in places like New England. Simple, don’t enforce immigration law and manipulate your assets to be ineffective. Pretty sick!

drug smugglers
Drug smugglers in our borders

In the first four months of this year, traffic of illegal immigrants is up by 25%. There is a 102% increase in unaccompanied minors and a 170% increase in illegal immigrant families [unaccompanied minors and families are used as distractions by drug cartels].

Obama is not adding the Congress-mandated 10% of border agents and is actually cutting the force.

Sheriff Babeu said his county isn’t on the border ant it’s much worse on the border. Some illegals admit they’ve been deported 20 times. There are no consequences so they keep coming back.

The traitorous administration has handcuffed law enforcement and threatened to fire any officer who does their job according to federal law.

It’s not only drug cartels coming in, it’s terrorists.

Watch and especially listen to the statement by the border agent at the end who gives details of what the administration is doing to facilitate the drug smuggling. The administration is filling up the Customs and Border Patrol with political stooges who refuse to follow the law.

Nothing will move through Congress, not even a McCain plan to secure the border. The end of this video is the most alarming.

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