Why Joe Biden Really Dropped Out



It’s not surprising that Joe Biden dropped out of consideration for the presidential race though he left his foot in the door.

He just lost his son, he has a lot of skeletons in his closet that came out the last two times he ran, he might have waited too long, the gaffe master probably wouldn’t win, and who wants to buck the Clinton machine.


DC Whispers passed on a  rumor that he changed his mind in one day after a “trusted” advisor warned the Clintons were “fully prepared and willing” to utterly destroy Joe Biden’s “past, present, and future.” They were going to destroy his reputation.

That’s not supposition – that’s what they always do. Look at how Hillary treated all of Bill’s women when they reported his dalliances or alleged rapes.

The advisor, it is also rumored, could have been acting as an agent for Hillary.

His Chief of Staff, Steve Richochetti, who could have been the trusted advisor in this case, has been allegedly coordinating with the Clintons for weeks.

None of this would be surprising. Articles about Biden supposedly leaking his son’s deathbed wish that he run for president and he’s “appalling” for (racist) comments made about Barack Obama, among other articles, along with Biden’s comments about how he won’t be bullied by the Clintons, are part of what the Clintons do and they do it well.

It would be unwise, however, to count Biden out just yet. He is ready to jump in if need be and if the investigation of Hillary’s egregious errors/crimes do result in a criminal trial, he will be needed.

Biden probably couldn’t win but for some strange reason, Hillary can, so for now, bets are on Hillary to continue the Obama legacy.

When Biden announced he wasn’t running yesterday, he made a point of emphasizing the need to continue the Obama agenda and launched a threat to be a formidable force if that doesn’t happen.

A Hillary win is more Socialism. A Biden win is more Socialism. A Sanders win is pure Communism though Socialism will get us there also, just not as quickly.

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Desiree Moore
Desiree Moore
7 years ago

I have been pondering this. My guess is Biden stepped out as ordered by King O. It is known King O and the Clintons have a very cold relationship. The King and the Clintons are playing a deadly game of chess between themselves. They are all hungry for power and control and can’t seem to control each other. Then we have Benghazi. They are strategically covering for each other, through all departments controlled by the King. Repeatedly yesterday, Hillary commented that she was in and out of the White House, meeting with the King. So clearly, one good deed deserves another. You have my back, I will have yours. If we had a Congress with real spines, it would all come to an end. Yes, this is the Washington cartel, as Ted Cruz speaks of.