Why Liberal Women Marched in D.C. This Week


An article in the New York Times explains that the massive women’s march in D.C. the day after the Inauguration was not “spontaneous” and it was not “independent”. As a CNN host Bakari Sellers admitted yesterday, the women’s march was not about women, it was about “liberalism”.

Hillary for the World

It was an anti-Trump march of leftist women. It was planned as a Hillary for America celebration that didn’t pan out. Feminist women saw themselves ruling the world, literally.

As a commenter on Facebook, Amos Lane, wrote:

People are wondering why are liberal women protesting, I didn’t say anything earlier because I thought people already knew why. These groups that came out today originally was planned to celebrate Hillary as president. It was supposed to be a world celebration of the “first woman president of the U.S.” But Hillary didn’t win and a lot of money was already spent months in advance so they spread the word and changed their celebration into a protest against Trump. I first took note of it back in August 2016, reading articles of how the world was going to celebrate Hillary. I didn’t think much of it back then, all these Democrat run cities plans fell through because their queen “Hillary” lost. What do they do now? Well, like most liberals that lose you throw a temper tantrum, their world celebration of their chosen queen is gone.

This was supposed to be a world celebration of  feminists. This was to be a global march for feminists. Something like this isn’t planned overnight. It would be naive to think so.

I wonder if the radical Islamists were going to celebrate also. They were probably going to stop the stonings  in Saudi Arabia and the rapes in Germany for a week. Were they even going to stop the sexual mutilation of women in this country for a week?

The Hype

In June, in an article for the left-wing New Republic, they praised the “celebratory mood” because Hillary winning the U.S. presidency, and Theresa May’s “ascension” along with Angela Merkel, represented a “victory for women”.  Feminists thought of Hillary Clinton’s victory as a sign that women would “rule the world” according to the article.

The conclusion of the article: If Hillary Clinton is elected president, it will be an extraordinary moment in human history…”

They will rule the world, they believed, in a war against men.

Also in June, feminist Jane Caro wroteMany women will allow themselves a moment to celebrate Hillary Clinton’s claim of victory as the presumptive Democratic nominee for President of the United States. And yes, some of us will do so in the full and certain knowledge that we will be lambasted, patronized, lectured (and endlessly mansplained) for being so bold.”

Caro’s article began with a quote from Germaine Greer in The Female Eunuch, “Women have very little idea of how much men hate them.” 

In August, Women’s Equality Day, a concoction of far-left feminists, was celebrated with gusto.

An article in the Atlantic in August described Hillary winning the presidency as ushering in a new era of ”public misogyny”.

Trump and his supporters were blamed for people calling Hillary a “b*tch” and assigned the attack to “misogyny” and “gender anxiety”. It’s part of the “gender wars” as perceived by feminists.

The head of the Australian Labor Party, Julia Gillard said the “gendered stuff” grew over time after her election. She became the “menopausal monster” because the highest office in the lands is “highly masculinized”.

If Hillary Won

Had Hillary won, there most definitely would have been marches in celebration of a leftist woman in the highest office in the United States. They believe she would have formed a front with Theresa May and Angela Merkel to “rule the world”. The women’s march would have been a march for Hillary and feminists throughout the world.

Any man who dared insult her would have faced the wrath of the angry leftist women and more marches. Hillary would have been left free to operate without fear of criticism.

She would have been bulletproof and we dodged a bullet.

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7 years ago

I’ve never seen so many stupid obese women in one place at one time before.

Teddy smith
Teddy smith
7 years ago

Vote condoleezza in 2024

7 years ago

I’m very happy Hillary didn’t win ! I’m not a misogynist in any form. Hillary would have been a continuation of Obama and took this country down even more than did Obama ! She doesn’t think rules and oaths apply to her as was the Obama way of governing ! Had Condoleezza Rich had run she would have gotten my vote !