Why Obama Won’t Call It Radical Islam – The Lie That Allows Radical Islam to Infiltrate – Videos


NYC parade for Islamists

Why won’t Obama call radical Islam by its name? Bill O’Reilly presented his theory last night which can be heard in the second video below. O’Reilly believes it is because he – Mr. Obama – thinks only Muslims can take care of the Muslim problem.

There is truth to that but my own theory goes beyond just that. Mr. Obama simply doesn’t recognize the existence of radical Islam because, as he has said many times, the radicals are not Islamic.

It’s a lie he tells himself.

They may be out of the ordinary and they don’t represent the majority of Muslims, but they are following a literal, vile interpretation of the Qu’ran.

I have my own theory about what I think is Mr. Obama’s clinical personality disorder but that’s not important at the moment. This is a man who continually characterizes conservatives as dangerous radicals and refuses to acknowledge the existence of Islamic terrorists. It’s not normal.

Remember When Joe Biden Called the Tea Party Terrorists

The problem with this lie he tells himself, in addition to him making us look weak and foolish before the world, is that you can’t properly fight the enemy if you don’t know what it is you are fighting. Without a definition, you don’t know that it is a rabid, vile interpretation of God’s will that must be addressed. You don’t know that their plan is to take over the world.

This radical Islamic war is a global jihad to put Islam and its political system – Shariah law – in place throughout the world. To defeat it, we need nations to stand up and fight it. Whether other Muslims fight is almost irrelevant. We are one people and they are part of us. They can pick their side but we must take it on together.

The radical Islamists believe in deception and infiltration through our government and our media to win their war.

The sick attitude of people like Obama leads to political correctness, multiculturalism, pluralism. All are socially-acceptable forms of deceit. It is not honest to misname things or divide our country by making some groups superior to others to make them feel better.

This lie allows infiltration by radical Muslims. We won’t speak the truth and we pretend the truth isn’t the truth. We’re Islamophobes if we talk about what is clearly in front of our faces.

Muslim Americans are generally a good and productive people but the radical Muslims could destroy them and us. Overseas they are indeed destroying Muslims as well as committing genocide against other denominations.

As a woman, I have no use for their religion but if they practice it in a way consistent with our culture and government, I support them.

We can criticize the Europeans all we want for their no-go zones but we have them here.

The no-go zones and radical mosques in the United States will continue to radicalize until someone with an ounce of sense calls them what they are – terrorist organizations – but at the present time, we have a president who won’t even call radical Islam what it is.

In the video interview below between Bill O’Reilly and Ryan Mauro of The Clarion Project, several of the threats by radical Islam in the United States are discussed.

Islamberg, NY is a terrorist training camp in Hancock, NY which operates under the guidance of a radical Islamic cleric in Pakistan. It is being monitored by the FBI but until the government lists it as a terrorist organization, they will continue to train jihadist fighters.

Dar al Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia which was run under imam Amwar al-Awlaki presents a serious danger to Americans. The current imam wants arms for the jihad because it’s a requirement of all Muslims.

There is a radical mosque in Brooklyn, NY, under imam Siraj Wahhaj. He speaks at Muslim events throughout the country and will be at a conference in Dallas this weekend. He wants Sharia in lieu of our Constitution.

The fourth is a radical mosque in Jamaica, NY, a high-crime, high-poverty area. The Islamic Center of North America has origins in Pakistan and one of the leaders was arrested in Bangladesh for war crimes. They have a teaching manual which tells Muslims to engage in deception to advance the jihadist cause and implement Sharia law.

Lastly, Mauro said the DOJ lists CAIR as an entity of the Muslim Brotherhood set up to advance Hamas (Palestinian wing of the Brotherhood) – they’re dangerous.

None of this is under control. Mr. Obama won’t even talk about the ideology honestly. On a positive note, Muslim Americans don’t support these radical organizations by and large.


Earlier in The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly came to the conclusion that the reason the Obama administration won’t call radical Islam by its name is because they believe only Muslims can straighten out the problem of radical Muslims. O’Reilly said it’s a dangerous concept and that this is no different than what went on with Hitler in the last century. All nations of good will have to fight this global threat.


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