Why Obama’s Illegal Immigration Policies Must Be Stopped


Mr. Obama’s immigration policy, which is to break US immigration law wherever possible, is allowing anti-American people to become residents and possibly citizens. He has no policy for assimilation. Perhaps that is his plan.

The United States must consider assimilation guidelines before openly welcoming people who come here illegally. People are coming here who don’t sustain themselves, who are anti-American activists, drug dealers, sex offenders, and terrorists. They are all in the mix.

It was just announced that one county in California – Los Angeles County – is about to give $650 million in welfare benefits to illegals who have native born children. Meanwhile, California gets $40 million a month in ‘loans’ from the federal government – our taxes – to keep themselves afloat because they have unsustainable debt.

Last year, Senator Durbin stood before the Senate extolling the virtues of ‘DREAMer’ activist Alaa Mukahhal who is of Palestinian descent and was brought here illegally by her parents. She is an honor student with a degree in architecture. She needs a path to citizenship, he said, so she can fulfill her American dream. He featured her on his own official webpage.

He quoted Alaa as saying, “I’m an asset to this country, a resource, and I want to make good use of my degree.”

Durbin said, “In the finest American tradition, Alaa has become an activist. She has stepped out to introduce herself to America, so we know who these Dream Act students are.”


Photo of Dick Durbin holding up a poster with ‘DREAMer’ Alaa standing in front of her ‘prop’, the US flag, during a session of Congress. Alaa claimed at the time that she wanted to build housing for the poor and fulfill her dream.  It’s hard to understand why politicians like Durbin do not even vet the people they are using as examples – Alaa is not who she says she is. Alaa is only one of the DREAMers whose story has been debunked.

Breitbart took a look at her Facebook page which says something completely different. She is an anti-semite who hates the US, has a foul mouth, dislikes whites though her skin is obviously white, and she wants to community organize on radical issues.

On February 3, 2012 she describes her ‘love’ for the US flag:

Did ya’ll notice the flag in the background of the pic? That was no coincidence #messaging #lol’

In an open letter to her parents, Alaa discusses her passion for community organizing:

‘Dear Mama and Baba, I can’t stop organizing. Organizing is the reason I get up in the morning. I have to, need to organize because the alternative, doing nothing and staying silent is more oppressive than the immigration system itself.’

On November 16, 2012, she expresses her contempt for Jews:

‘Let’s just be friends and pretend the genocide in Palestine is not happening because, you know, we just want to make peace, we just want to talk, we just wanna do godmom and apple pie fun interfaith stuff, why are you bringing political baggage, we just want to talk, and have a civil conversation, this is happening over there, and this is here, let’s just have a conversation.

NO. Deny Palestine, and you deny me, my past, my present and my future. Deny Palestine, and you are an accomplice to the murders. To hell with interfaith shit if you can’t recognize the oppression of my people. Ever see King or Ghandi say let’s ignore the holocaust of my people so we can talk? You are an accomplice. You are an accomplice. You are an accomplice.

I’m undocumented in America today because of the catastrophe (Nakba) in 1948.

On April 6, Alla shows her disdain for white people:

‘Every damn time, without fail, there’s news about Muslim women, everybody suddenly becomes an expert about Islam, Muslims, women in Islam, & Middle Eastern politics.

Here’s a PSA: shut the fuck up.

Here’s another PSA, esp to white ppl: stop trying to “liberate” or “save” us. Seriously, just quit. Everybody. You wanna help? Tell your damn governments and people to stop bombing our countries, end your imperialistic shit, and treat us as the human beings that we are who actually make decisions for ourselves. So sick of seeing all these people giving their irrelevant analysis every time a Muslim woman sneezes.

Just quit. I’ve run out of patience for ya’ll.’

In November, she was in Illinois protesting to get illegal immigrants driver’s licenses and she issued a warning to ‘white people in suits’

We cannot keep allowing this president to just willy-nilly break the law and ‘legalize’ people we know nothing about. We need to screen them and we need to screen for more than criminal backgrounds (minus the three misdemeanors they are allowed to have).

No less guilty is the Supreme Court of the United States which found that illegal aliens cannot be held in detention for more than six months. We have a legal system that allows the cases to be tied up for longer than that and when their native country doesn’t want them.

For example, we recently released just under 3,000 sex offenders who are here illegally because they were detained for longer than six months and there was no country to send them to.

The Department of Homeland Security, in their wisdom set these people free – let them loose on our streets. The US has made no effort to pull back financial aid to those countries who refuse to take back their own criminals.

Newsmax reported that these sex offenders are under some form of supervision with 5% not even registering as sex offenders. These people are anonymous. They disappear into society until they are re-arrested, putting our police, who already arrested them, in harm’s way yet again.

The immigration bill made a stab at requiring assimilation by demanding illegal immigrants speak English, but there were loopholes, they spread out the pathway to citizenship over the course of 5 to 13 years, but there were loopholes, they did not deal with people who jumped visas except in a perfunctory way.

People who come to this country must be willing to adapt our values. There needs to be a strong work ethic, a firm commitment to our laws, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights.

When the signs to polling places have the word ‘aqui’ on them, it tells me that we are inviting people to vote who can’t even communicate with us, much less value what we stand for. We make assumptions that they want what our country can afford but we don’t differentiate the legitimate immigrants from those who come for entitlements or to start trouble.

New immigrants need to learn our history and subscribe to our beliefs and they need to prove it by being good citizens for a period of years. Alaa is not a good citizen. People who come here for entitlements or to destroy our values are not people we need – we are broke and our country has enough angry trouble makers.

Listen to Durbin’s speech about his unvetted heroine, a symbol of DREAMers everywhere:



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