Why Republicans Let Media Tear the Country Apart


The Washington Post admitted that the Antifa are communists, socialists and anarchists in an article yesterday. WaPo should have added that they are overwhelmingly communists. Unfortunately, they also whitewashed the group as ‘not very violent’, just like they whitewashed the OWS and demonized the Tea Party. This is the paragraph of admission:

“But what is antifa? Where did it come from? Militant anti-fascist or “antifa” (pronounced ANtifa) is a radical pan-leftist politics of social revolution applied to fighting the far right. Its adherents are predominantly communists, socialists and anarchists who reject turning to the police or the state to halt the advance of white supremacy. Instead they advocate popular opposition to fascism as we witnessed in Charlottesville.”

They are the Democrats’ Red Army who are tearing into the very fabric of our society, promoted and fueled by the MSM. The Republicans are not there for us or for our President. They won’t even pass healthcare, tax reform or infrastructure. They won’t pass the agenda they say they want. Why?

On Thursday, Rush Limbaugh told his radio audience why he believes the GOP is allowing the leftists to tear up this country.

“The media is dividing this country and tearing it apart, and because of fear of the media, way too many on our side are unwilling to stop or even try to explain or oppose this,” he said at the open.

“Identity politics,” he continued, “which we have been focusing on in recent weeks — intensely in recent days — is the primary weapon being used to divide the country.”

Limbaugh made note of the fact that “black people and white people who were never slaves are fighting white people and others who were never Nazis over Confederate statues erected by Democrats,” and added that “somehow it’s all Donald Trump’s fault.”

He condemned mainstream media like CNN who spin and take sides and lie to sabotage the Republicans, conservatives and President Trump.

CNN, got special attention from Limbaugh:“The questions continue to be asked, and as such, the Republicans have no brand. They have no credibility. They can’t get anything in their agenda done because they won’t condemn whatever went on in Charlottesville, or because they wish to condemn also the violence perpetrated by Black Lives Matter and the anarchists and the Antifa people and so forth. Which, if you do that, CNN and others just jump right down your throat as though you’re a bigot and a racist for daring to point out that the violence everywhere in this country often starts by people on the left. And not only is the violence in this country often started by people on the left, they are the sole practitioners of the violence in 99% of protests.”

“Ninety-nine percent of protests you don’t even see the Republicans showing up,” Limbaugh said. “It’s a relatively new phenomenon that opposition to the left is showing up at protests. But it still isn’t mainstream Republicans showing up. They just don’t do it. And it isn’t mainstream conservatives showing up to protests. You disagree with the premise, 99% of all violent protests and riots in this country start and are engineered and practiced by the left?”

About Trump’s response to Charlottesville, Limbaugh said, “It was a genuine unhinged hysteria from all over the place, in the Drive-By Media and in Washington. And however the media goes is how the Republican Party is gonna go.”

Limbaugh says that many Republicans jump ship on Trump anytime the mainstream media attack the Trump administration.

“Media goes crazy on Trump, Republicans say, ‘Oh, God, there goes our brand. Oh, jeez. We’re never gonna win again.’ And they abandon Trump publicly,” he explained. “But in their case, they really do. They then go silent. And there isn’t any push-back against any of this, and the problem there is the push-back is not just against Trump.”

“What the media is doing is not just to Trump. They’re dividing the country, and they are smearing everybody who is not a left-winger or a Democrat or an activist. They’re smearing everybody. They’re smearing talk radio. They’re smearing people that voted for Trump. They are smearing elected Republicans, Republican staff, doesn’t matter where they are, everybody’s being smeared here.”

Limbaugh concluded with a suggestion:

“If I may be bold here, if I may be helpful, Republicans, the idea here that you fear damage to your brand? You’re about 30 years late in realizing this, and the reason that you have ongoing fear of your brand is that for the first time it somebody’s fighting back against these allegations, and that’s what’s making you nervous,” he blasted. “You’ll note that it’s Donald Trump fighting back against all this that’s really what makes the Republicans nervous.”

“For 30 years, the Democrats have been able to call Republicans anything with impunity — racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe, and add on to that — and there’s been never any pushback,” Limbaugh said. “All there is, is Republicans trying to kiss up to the media so that they individually are not included in the smear. Well, this is what pushing back looks like, just like this is what trying to strip power away from the establishment looks like.”

Finally, he said, “This is what it looks like when you push back. It was never gonna be easy, and it was never gonna be pretty. Somebody is trying to save the Republican brand by defending it against all of these smears: Racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia. Too many Republicans have been conditioned to go along with the allegation and to ask for exemption from it.”


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