Why Roseanne’s Words Prove Devastating to America


No one is exonerating Roseanne for her nasty, biased comment about Valerie Jarrett. Roseanne has free speech to say whatever she wants but now she pays the price and she must. She also apologized profusely although I hear she’s off tweeting again. She needs an intervention. Unfortunately, as we fight for our country, she set the right back — way back — devastatingly so.

The reaction against Roseanne appears very extreme, yet when the religious right or white people, especially white men, are treated with vile, abusive bigotry, it’s a joke. It’s hard to look past that, but we must. She fed the hard-left.

I don’t like Valerie Jarrett. She is a leftist and it’s pathetic how she goes unscathed and the entire prior administration never has to answer for moving the country to the far-left. That being said, what Roseanne did was very, very damaging to race relations and to our fight for freedom.


Blacks have been overwhelmingly won over by the hard-left and this will further entrench them. When I grew up with a lot of black people in my neighborhood, I found them to be sweet, hard working, and religious for the most part. Their families were intact. Things changed for them politically in the 1960s when the hard-left pushed the Civil Rights Act and Goldwater didn’t on constitutional grounds.

After Roseanne’s tweets, the leftists can now more freely say whites are all inherently bigotted. She gave them poisoned flour for their grist mill of hate and bigotry. Their lies about everyone being inherently prejudiced and every system being sytemically biased will gain momentum.

Minorities are taught the Republican and Democrat parties switched and all the bigots ran to the Republican Party today. That is not true but the hard-left is using them and bigotry to fan the flames and bring people over to the hard-left.

Blacks will now believe all of Trump’s followers are bigots — perhaps unwittingly.

Jarrett is pretty, presents well, and if you ignore her political ideology, she deserved better than she got, just like those on the right deserve to not be painted with the same brush.

Whites have all been branded as “white privileged”, “white supremacists”, and ideological extremists. The fact is those terms are all biased, anti-white terms invented by leftists.

The belief that blacks are still victims and targets will strengthen. The very real oppression of the past will be easier to sell as current day oppression.

More NFL players will want to diss the USA and the flag. Those of us who are of English and Eastern European descent will be further vilified. Our Founding by those very Europeans will be erased to make way for the better America — the Communist America.

Personally, I doubt Roseanne is a bigot but who knows. She said she took Ambien. Perhaps she also drank. But, then again, I find it hard to believe anyone could be biased against someone because of the color of their skin.

As far as looks, who cares, it’s totally ridiculous, lots of blacks are beautiful, lots of whites are ugly and visa versa. Did you ever notice Nigerians? They are overall a beautiful people and their skin is very black. Take a look at the English. Overall, do they really all look beautiful? Besides, who cares?

I am Eastern European descent mostly, with a Native American gene. My neighborhood was overwhelmingly black when I was young and I was dirt poor. I went to a high school that was almost totally Puerto Rican. I have black relatives, Japanese relatives, gay relatives and so on.

I have traveled the world. We are all the same except for the cultural and religious differences. Did you ever go to National Geographic Genome Project or Ancestry and have your DNA tested? — you might be shocked. We all carry the African gene and that comes out with National Geographic. It seems civilization began around the Sudan or Ethiopia.

In my past, I have found many bigotted Democrats. You can’t paint with broad brushes.

We are not fighting people of certain skin colors though that is what the leftists want you to believe. We are fighting Communism and Socialism, which will make slaves of us all.

Right now, our Republic is under attack by the hard-left. We are in great danger and Roseanne just put another hole in our Titanic.

On the same token, forgiveness is always a better trait. Roseanne needs to do more to explain herself and people need to forgive the mistakes of right-wingers as they so readily approve of left-wing hate. The left is out attacking police and Trump supporters today. Listen to this loon.

Didn’t anyone ever watch Star Trek?

  • It was many decades ago that I learned not to succumb to contemporary thinking and thus assume the same beliefs as others. I have not been a fan of Rosanne in the past nor the current / cancelled program. I Do approach it the same as when Reagan was in office, whom I did not support at the time, when a co-worker heard a negative report and questioned His support. What he heard was an incomplete and distorted report. I told him that is NOT what he conveyed in the press conference.

    It’s not just about giving a person the benefit of the doubt but to have all the facts at hand before drawing any conclusion. That is the case here. I had to look up a picture of Jarrett since I was unsure of what she even looked like. The picture on Wikipedia would lead any reasonable person to doubt she has any black heritage at all. I had heard her name associated with some Iranian connection and one would assume that would be her heritage. THIS is where Rosanne failed. In the reports of her twitter posts apparently someone from CNN questioned her on “racism”. Her response shows her own understanding was the reference was to the Muslim Brotherhood, as she responded that Islam is NOT a RACE but is made up of many races. Clearly she had no indication that Jarrett is ‘black’ by heritage. Therefore, how can a person be accused of racism if they are not even aware of the race. This defies any semblance of rational thinking.

    Mark Dice showed many examples in the past of others comparing people with different primates. Since Rosanne basically thought Jarrett as being white then she only followed what many others had done. She is suppose to be on some podcast Friday and it will be interesting to hear her response. She stated in one post that when she learned that Jarrett IS black it horrified her.

    Even though I don’t have a high opinion of Rosanne I will not go along with destroying a person unjustly. The left has become SO radical that I seriously doubt this situation will make little difference either way. As a society we need to DEMAND people be allowed to learn from mistakes otherwise we will devolve into anarchy.